School Of Infants Enrollment

Enrollment and Admissions

A registration form and medical form must be completed before enrollment is accepted. The medical form must be given to the school no later than two weeks after enrollment in order for your child to continue attending Montessori School of Downtown.
Registration Form
Medical Form
Please speak with a Director to obtain the information for enrollment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Pearland - Teresa Devera : 281 - 485 - 3567
Clear Lake - Barbara Bergeron : 281 - 488 -7599
Downtown and Medical Center - Kay Singh: 713 - 520 - 6801
Silverlake - Daniel F. Marchione or D.S. Ahlawat : 281 - 412 - 5763

The following are some helpful guidelines to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your infant


Before you return to work, allow one week of transition for your baby in a daycare environment. (i.e. the first day should be 3 hours of care, the second day is 4 hours of care and gradually increase the hours until the last day which should consist of a full day).


We will call you every day for the first week to keep you updated on your baby's progress. If you have a particular time of day you prefer to be contacted, please let us know and we will try to fit it into our schedule. You will also receive a daily "Baby Gram" which records his feeding schedule, sleep schedule, and general mood. You will also receive a monthly newsletter entitled "Baby News" which will help you participate at home with different songs and activities we work on during the day.

Feeding Schedule

You have planned a concise feeding schedule with the Program Director for your baby's needs. We will follow it. If there are any changes, please inform the Director and/or person in charge. The Program Director will discuss with you any changes in care that is recommended as the infant matures. Formula shall be ready to feed. State Licensing prevents us from mixing formula.

Items From Home

Please label your baby's diaper bag. Include in the diaper bag the following:
One complete change of clothing daily
Four bottles per day (label your bottles and their protector caps)
Two boxes of baby wipes per month (we always rinse the wipes before using them)
Eight diapers per day
One bottle of Tempra/Tylenol and one tube of Orajel always be in the bag with the child's name on it
We will provide all the developmental toys, crib sheets, bibs, etc.
Please leave an infant carrier/car seat at the school when you drop off your infant.
If your baby utilizes a pacifier, we would like to keep one at the school at all times-labeled
When your infant begins to eat solid foods, please introduce the food items at home, prior to giving it to the school.
Update the infant's medical form and daily schedule per need:
All medications your baby is currently on
All your baby's bottles
Any clothing you leave in the bag

Growth Update

All children's records will updated periodically.

Important Notice

Please check for all belongings before leaving the school. If you find anything missing, please notify the Program Coordinator prior to leaving the premises.

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