Why Sunscreen Is Important For Kids?

Kids love playing outside as it allows them to spend some quality time with friends and in a restriction-free environment. They may run out quickly several times through the day, without skin protection. 

Several studies report that kids experience major damage to their skin due to repeated exposure to the harmful sun rays. Sunlight is loaded with potential UV content which poses serious harm to the human skin. Children have more sensitive skin that can undergo serious burns and acne issues due to direct exposure to sunlight. Therefore, experts advise using good quality sunscreen for kids before you allow them to step out of the home to play outside. 

There are so many benefits of using sunscreens for kids, a few of them are listed below to boost your knowledge base:

Avoid painful burns

When children go to play outside without applying sunscreen, they are likely to face sunburns. The level of burns usually depends upon how much time they spend outdoors and the specific skin type as well.

Scientific studies reveal that people who live in the southern U.S. states, experience severe sunburns with more pain due to intense ultraviolet levels of sun rays. Some of the most common symptoms of sunburn include peeling, redness, itching, and swelling.

Using a good quality sunscreen lotion with an adequate SPF rating is the best solution to avoid such painful conditions.

Block harmful UV rays

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The atmosphere of the earth contains several layers. The ozone layer plays an important role in blocking a major part of UV rays coming from the sun. This layer also absorbs the harmful band of ultraviolet radiations that can otherwise pose serious damage to DNA.

Although sunlight is also good for health, the repeated and unsafe exposure can damage the skin and DNA health of your child. It is good to apply sunscreen to block these harmful rays so that they cannot damage the skin layers of children. 

Avoid acne and blemishes

Teenagers often report the development of acne due to repeated exposure to sunlight. But the symptoms may also develop in kids as well. When they spend several hours playing in the sunlight, they experience redness, itching, and even inflammation on facial skin and arms.

Other than this, some acne medications also make our skin prone to sunburn. A good quality sunscreen can help you create an additional protective layer above actual skin layers so that kids can stay safe from the harmful effects of sun exposure even after spending several hours in the playground.

You can go online and buy the best sunscreen lotions with a reliable SPF rating to protect your kids from UV rays. 

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