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The Importance of Early Childhood Learning

early childhood learning

Did you know that, in 2020, the percentage of 3- to 4-year-old kids who were enrolled in school was 40%? Additionally, the number of children who were enrolled in nursery school was 3.5 million. If you’re thinking of enrolling your young child in an early childhood learning program, you might feel that you need more information….

Kindergarten vs Preschool: What Are the Differences?

kindergarten vs preschool

Studies show that children who attend preschool perform better once they enter Kindergarten. Preschool isn’t mandatory, but it can help prepare your child for a more structured classroom setting. Since both preschool and kindergarten teach children social skills, reading, writing, and math, you may wonder what the difference is. As the name suggests, preschool lays…

Top Ways To Help Kids Cope With the Fear of Going to School

fear of going to school

Did you know that the number of schools in the US as of 2020 is 130,930? This means that, on average, the number of schools per state is 2,618. Considering this, the number of schools in California is above the curve, while the number in Alaska is below. If your child is going to school soon, but…