6 Great Gift Ideas for Universal Children’s Day

6 Great Gift Ideas for Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day has been celebrated on 20th November each year since 1954. This day is dedicated to improving children’s welfare, raising awareness about their rights, and promoting unity and togetherness amongst children all over the world.

This is also a great time to encourage your children towards adopting some good habits. Instead of any boring activity, you can give them some inspirational gifts that they would enjoy. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or a loving aunt or uncle.

Here are 6 great ideas to give an ideal gift to the child you care about.

  1. Savings in a Piggy Bank

Piggybank may be clichéd, but it still makes a great gift. Training your children to save up from a young age will benefit them throughout their life. It is even more important in the present age when consumer culture is becoming all the rage. Therefore, it is a perfect gift for Universal Children’s Day and helps your children adopt a lifesaving habit.

  1. Reading Habit with Books

The biggest problem the parents face these days is that the children today are not very keen on reading. The majority of parents are clueless about how to develop reading habits in their kids.

The best way to go about it is the gift of books. Choose attractive picture books for preschoolers and Montessori level kids. Fun pictures with a simple storyline and a moral can be really helpful for them.

However, giving a book is not enough. Sit with them and read the book. Expressions, sounds, and your company can work miracles and get your child really interested in reading. Gifting a fun picture book or a light storybook is also a great Children’s Day gift for preschoolers.

  1. Something Sweet – Chocolates

Sweets! Aren’t they bad for your teeth’ kids? If you want to keep your kids away from sugary treats, then make it a rule to give them on special occasions only. This way they will value the treats they get; Unlike spoiling them by letting them have the chocolates whenever they want.

Universal Children’s Day is a special occasion too. Let them indulge this one day and get them a pretty box of chocolates, all tied up with a fancy ribbon and all. And if you want this to be more special than this, encourage your children to share their chocolates with the underprivileged children. You can spread this sweetness at orphanages, and make your child learn the importance of empathy and sharing, with something sweet.

  1. Environment Friendly – Potted Plant

This is a very unusual gift. Get a cute and brightly painted potted plant for a child you care about this Children’s Day. This is an ideal gift idea for schools too.

Children can be gifted with a cute potted plant on behalf of the school. Instead of a gift card, tie an information card with a bright ribbon around the plant. The teachers can explain how the children can take care of it themselves, and make sure it is nourished with sunlight and water as needed.

This gift will instill a sense of responsibility in the children which is the stepping stone for being a responsible adult in the future. It will also help them understand the importance of saving the environment, and giving back to nature rather than taking from it.

  1. Play Teacher – White/Blackboard

One of the most popular role plays that kids of all ages and eras love is playing a teacher. Get a blackboard for your child/children. Allow them the playtime to act out as teachers.

This is a great activity for parents and kids. It’s a great way to spend time with your children. You can be their students and let them teach you in their made-up classroom. This also allows you to glean how your kids are being taught at school, as they tend to copy their teachers.

It will also help you to pick up anything suspicious going on in their classroom like abusive behavior of any type. Secondly, it is also great for drawings and saves paper. It can also be used by you to explain things to your children when needed.

  1. Mind Exercise with Puzzles or Board Games

The lockdown in the aftermath of Covid-19 proved a bit too much for both the parents and kids. Many parents learned the importance of board games and puzzles.

The reason is that too much screen time is not good for children and with the added online classes, this time has increased a lot. So, giving children board games and puzzles is an absolutely amazing idea for a Children’s Day Gift.

It is time to revive all the games you played as a child or the puzzles you juggled your mind with. Basic jigsaw puzzles of their favorite cartoon characters, Disney Princesses, and superheroes will not only be attractive, but it will also help exercise their brain.

Snakes and ladders, and Beginners scrabble can bring the whole family together. The Monopoly can train future bosses of conglomerates, or simply make one of your family members rich. No matter which game you go for, it will be time well-spent.

Universal Children’s Day is a day dedicated to the children and it is important to make them feel special that day. However, it is also a day to learn more about how to promote child welfare throughout the year. Children should not only feel special this one day but every day of the year.

Similarly, there are many other children in the U.S and the rest of the world, and this day can definitely be used to do something for them as well. If a lot of people would come forward along with their children to make a difference in a child’s life, this whirlpool will only become bigger and better.

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