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7 Tips for Montessori Learning at Home for Kids Under 3

Montessori Learning at Home
Learning the Montessori way

Montessori learning refers to the approach that focuses on the holistic development of the child where they are given the opportunity to grow in a productive and healthy way. Montessori does not only refer to an educational approach, it can also be used as a parenting method and considered a lifestyle. Montessori parenting means that parents serve as a guide while young kids discover their capabilities and maximize their potential. Montessori learning means believing that the world is your child’s classroom. The following are some helpful tips on how to raise your little one the Montessori way at home.

Learn how to respect your child

Just because kids are kids does not mean that they will be irrational all of the time. Like adults, kids have valid reasons for acting in certain ways. If they are crying, there must be  a reason. If they are upset, there must be something wrong. Understand that they also have feelings and learn to respect that. Acknowledge that they have needs as we do. Kids deserve respect and understanding, too.

Give them the freedom to move around

Young children are naturally curious. They always want to explore their surroundings and environment. Therefore, be sure not to confine them in one place. Give them the freedom to move around and discover the world. It is by moving and expanding possibilities that they will further learn and develop in every aspect of their life.

Let them help out at home

It is a great idea to let young children get involved in some of the chores at home especially the ones they are interested in. Allow them to help out and give them simple tasks such as sorting silverware, setting the table, putting away their toys, making their bed, and so on. Take time to show them how each task is done so they can accomplish them successfully.

Provide the right tools

It is often surprising what little children can do for themselves if they are given the right tools and materials. Even at a young age, kids can learn how to do certain things on their own. They can learn how to organize their stuff, put things in their proper places, hang their own coats, feed themselves and a lot more. All you have to do is make sure they have all the tools they need to perform each task. By giving your child the opportunity to do things for themselves and by themselves, you are also teaching them how to be independent.

Teach by modeling instead of correcting

A lot of parents have the tendency to immediately judge their child when they did something wrong. Instead of getting mad at them or punishing them, talk to them calmly and make them aware of their mistakes. Help them to understand what made their actions wrong. And then, help them rectify the mistake moving forward by explaining how things are supposed to be done.

Be consistent

Montessori Learning
Kids having playtime

Practicing consistency with routines at home provides children with a sense of comfort and security. Make sure you are consistent with every activity and schedule you employ. Whether it is meal time, bath time, or play time, be sure to always stick to the schedule. Not only will it introduce them to a structured environment they will soon experience in preschool, it will also teach them about the concept of time.

Spend time reading together

Create a habit of reading with your kids every day. Make it more exciting by taking them to the bookstore or library so they can select a book they will be interested in. Be creative so that reading becomes an enjoyable experience for them. You can talk about words, squeeze in some games or tell jokes. Developing a love for reading at an early age can significantly impact their cognitive growth in the years to come.

Montessori learning doesn’t have to take place in classrooms alone. You can take note of these tips so that Montessori parenting can be practiced in the comfort of your home. Looking for the best Montessori school for your little one? Please consider Montessori School of Downtown.