“Introducing” AR Based Learning

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Augmented Reality Technology in Education

Augmented reality in education provides an experience which helps the
students easily acquire, process, and remember the information. Additionally, AR makes learning itself more interactive and fun. AR enables the students to visualize their curriculum with the help of 3D objects and experience them virtually in their own environment.

It is also not limited to a single age group or level of education, and can be used equally well in all levels of schooling starting from Preschool itself.

MSODT Augmented Reality Virtual Learning Box

Introducing the “Self Inspired” AR Learning Box which is specially designed and developed in collaboration with the Learning Buddy.

The box helps the students to learn in an innovative way by visualizing the concepts in their own surroundings with the help of Augmented Reality Technology.

The “Self Inspired” AR Learning Box will take them to an adventure and give them an unparalleled experience where they gain knowledge on the fundamentals of the various topics such as Animal Kingdom, Space, Monum

Augmented Reality Enabled Books

The “Self Inspired” AR Learning Box contains a specially designed set of 8 AR Books having themes such as

  • Animal Kingdom (4 Books Set)
  • Space
  • Monuments
  • Dinosaurs
  • Community Helpers

The pages of these books are encoded and on scanning via the “Self Inspired – A Virtual Learning experience App” the students can experience the magic of AR along with Voice Overs that provides a detailed explanation about the topic.

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About Interactive Educational Games and Activities

The “Self Inspired” app is packed up with a wide variety of interactive learning games and activities in the form of Quiz, Matching, Tracing, Sound, Memory, Coloring Activities etc. specially developed for MSODT which enables students to learn and practise their lessons in an interactive way.

All of the content in these digital activities are managed by the teachers at MSODT which is as per the curriculum and teaching planner.

Self inspired a virtual learning experience App

We’ve joined hands with the Learning Buddy to bring an ultimate learning experience for our Students

We are happy to collaborate with The Learning Buddy an Indian Ed-Tech Venture on a mission to transform learning experience for the young minds using futuristic technologies.
The partnership was initiated during the difficult period of the ongoing pandemic to help the students keep learning and to provide them a solution that is innovative.

The idea behind this collaboration was to digitize the curriculum and to prepare the school for any such drastic situations in the future.


What is the Self Inspired - A Learning Experience?

The Self Inspired – A Learning Experience is an app powered by the AR Learning Box that helps the students to learn in an innovative way by visualizing the concepts in their own surroundings with the help of Augmented Reality Technology.

The app can be downloaded using the link on this website and is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

The Self Inspired Learning box contains an activation code, use this to activate the app. The app does not need any extra information and will take you to the main screen where you can start using the app

There are a total of 8 books covering different topics listed above, any one of them can be selected from the app and only works with the elements of the book.

Select the book from the “AR Books” section in the app, use the same AR enabled book from the box and open any element that you want to learn about. Place the book behind the camera and it should be placed in the viewfinder, it will recognize the card automatically and will display the corresponding 3D model and play the voice over as well.

The Self Inspired AR Learning Box comes with a phone/tablet stand which can be placed onto the box in which the phone/tablet can be placed with the help of which the child can easily scan booklets and learn without holding the device in their hands.

The Self Inspired Learning app comes with an annual subscription which starts as soon as the code is activated.

Yes, the app requires an active internet connection to activate the app and to download the required 3D files from the server.

No, the 3D models are downloaded once and are saved in the cache unless they are updated to accommodate new features or functionalities.

The app can be upgraded from the respective stores to accommodate new features and functionalities.

In case of any kind of queries related to the app, you can drop a line at support@thelearningbuddy.com and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.