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A Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Best Elementary School in Houston

With 87,498 elementary schools across the US, choosing the right institution to send your child to can be a challenge. After all, early childhood is the most critical time when children develop the skills needed to succeed. From reading to math to social skills, grade school builds the foundation for achievement later in life.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to research and select the best elementary school in Houston for your little one. Read on for some tips that will help you select the perfect place for your child to learn basic skills that will help them reach for their dreams.

Consider the Curriculum

Many parents are tempted to send their child to a traditional elementary school, but this is a poor choice because of these school’s teaching styles. At public grade schools, teachers must teach all curriculum at a pace established by the school district. Additionally, since some students learn at a faster pace than others, quicker learners will be left bored and disengaged.

You want to send your child to a school with a flexible curriculum and timeframes based on student needs. Children are divided into smaller groups based on their individual learning needs at these institutions.

This lets children move on to new lessons as quickly as necessary while others get more practice and review of challenging material. No students will be left behind as fast learners progress, no students will be deterred by those who need more review, and everyone can learn at their own pace.

Look Into a School’s Values

The next thing you’ll need to do is look into the values of a given institution. Make sure that the school fosters a culture where independent thinking is encouraged. This means not just a flexible curriculum but also educators that work with the specific needs and interests of each child.

You also need a school that allows the children to be accountable for their own studies. It’s important that students know how to track their own progress, motivate themselves, and hold themselves accountable for their learning as they grow. They will then become better independent thinkers.

In Houston Montessori School of Downtown doesn’t just offer all of these benefits but also has over 30 years of experience. Their vision, mission, and curriculum are all built on the idea of self-inspired learning. When you choose to send your school-aged child to this institution, they will build the skills that they need to succeed regardless of their needs.

Consider Your Child’s Individual Needs

It’s important that you think about the specific needs of your child when selecting from types of elementary schools.

Does your child engage best when they work with a large group or a smaller one? What pace does your child tend to work at? In what subjects do they excel (and what ones do they enjoy)?

These questions are critical when choosing the best grade school for their needs. You need to make sure that the values and interests of the program collide with those that you and your child hold.

Ask Yourself Important Questions

When selecting a school in Houston, there are a few questions that you’ll want to ask yourself.

The first is the ratio of students to teachers that you need. For individualized learning, there should be a smaller ratio since small groups need to be accommodated. Don’t settle for a school with a 28:1 or even a 22:1 ratio- they will likely hold your child back from achieving their fullest potential.

You also should question how much homework you want your child to have. If you want your child to have time to spend with family or to get less schoolwork over the holidays, you’ll want to select an institution that offers less homework.

Also consider the level of support that teachers are willing to give each student and how discipline is handled. You want to send your child to a school that matches up with your values. Ask yourself what standards the teachers are held to and make sure that they’re up to par.

Look Into After School Programs

Consider what after-school activities your child is most interested in pursuing. You can discover this by having a simple discussion with them about their interests. If they love science for example, you’ll want a school that offers an enhanced science and technology program.

As children grow, though, remember that their interests will likely change. Make sure that you select a school that offers multiple activities that different children will love. This ensures that you never limit their options or squander their potential.

Talk to Faculty and Staff Members

No matter how much research you do, you’ll never get a feel for the school you’re considering if you don’t speak directly with the staff. These experts have insights into the curriculum and learning environment that those without firsthand knowledge would not.

Most teachers and administrators are happy to answer any questions that you have about their institution. They’ll share anecdotes and curriculum samples with you to showcase what they’re teaching. If staff refuses to transparently show what a school has to offer, that’s a red flag.

Make sure that you reach out to the school in advance. You likely will be able to meet with administrative professionals and those who would teach your student.

Enroll in Elementary School in Houston Today

While there are many things to think about before enrolling your children in elementary school, it’s critical that you keep these specific considerations in mind. After all, you don’t just want a nurturing learning environment- you want one that will specifically meet the individual needs of your child.

Now that you know how to choose a Texas grade school that will help your children grow, it’s time to get more insight into the locations that you can choose from. Schedule a tour of our facilities today to talk with our experts and see what the top elementary school in Houston has to offer.