Learning on Vacation


Summer is a wonderful time to reconnect with your family on a family vacation. Vacationing with your family allows you to explore new places, spend time together and have an adventure you’ll remember for years to come. With a little bit of forethought, it can be a valuable learning opportunity as well.

You don’t have to quiz your kids on their times tables or pull out your flashcards to keep their brains working. There are some great ways to foster learning while vacationing without missing out on any of the fun.

  • Bring along the books. Books are great for the beach, the hotel room or when you’re waiting for a meal, and audiobooks are a wonderful way to spend a long car trip. You can find audiobooks for the whole family at your local library, and enjoy the shared experience of listening to a story together on your drive.

  • Earn some badges. Our National Parks have the wonderful Junior Ranger program that lets kids earn badges, and some local parks, museums and other attractions have similar programs. Ask when you visit and find a good way for your kids to store the badges- perhaps on a hat or lanyard.

  • Play games in the car. A road trip scavenger hunt or a simple game of twenty questions can keep children’s minds occupied as you travel.

  • Hit the local museums. Wherever you go, there’s some sort of local history to explore. Take time out to hit a museum in every town, and each experience will boost your child’s brainpower.

  • Visit the zoo. Going to the zoo is so much fun that kids might not even notice they’re learning new animal facts and seeing interesting new things.

  • Pick historical destinations. They say the journey is the destination, but if you have some flexibility on where you’re going, you might consider picking someplace with historical significance. Knowing history is important and seeing things in person is a great way to remember them.

  • Learn a new skill. Many destinations lend themselves to learning. Maybe you can take a pasta making class in Italy or a surfing lesson while you’re on the beach. It can be fun to learn new things as a family and seeing you learning sets a good example for your kids.

  • Take an architectural tour. Many cities offer tours that highlight the interesting architecture in the area. These tours can help you see the city in a new light while you’re also learning architectural facts you may not have known.

  • Find ways to learn, no matter where you are. Learning isn’t always structured, and some of the best lessons happen organically, as you’re exploring the world with your child. Sort shells on the beach, notice different types of leaves in a forest or see how many types of birds and animals you can spot on your vacation. Talk about how roads are made and cities are built. Wherever you are, look for teachable moments and opportunities to share something new.

At MSOD Shipra, we believe in learning all the time, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Our students learn by doing and grow to be independent thinkers ready to succeed not just in school but in life. Schedule a visit or explore our website to learn more about our learning philosophy and curriculum.

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