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How Teachers Can Use Technology to Teach Students at Home

Schools all over the world are closed for the indefinite time to save kids from the spread of the pandemic. However, this scenario is causing a huge loss to the studies of the growing kids. To deal with the problem, most of the teachers are looking for the latest technologies to engage students at home….

Ways To Keep Your Child Academically Engaged When Stuck In Quarantine

The terror and trepidation that is engulfing every part of the world at present, courtesy coronavirus and COVID-19, has led to the World Health Organization declaring it as a pandemic and recommending people to stay quarantined for the next few weeks at least. Nevertheless, as adults, we can make our peace with the situation of…

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

In school, children learn about a variety of academic subjects. Oftentimes, we evaluate our children’s progress based on their aptitude in subjects such as math, language arts, and social studies, but oftentimes we pass over some of the most important skills that children learn as they develop and grow; critical thinking. Critical thinking is comprised…