Bumpy Ride for children due to Covid

Covid-19: A bumpy ride for children

Sign up, zoom in, and drop out – Covid-19 is proving to be a bumpy ride for children globally – leading towards an educational crisis.  

This educational crisis has made it challenging to identify academic progress. It has become hard to point out how much school closures and virtual learning have affected students’ learning.

Covid-19 mirrors larger concerns for parents as they fear their children will fall behind academically and the gap between higher and lower-achieving students will even grow immensely. We are aware of what extended months of quarantine have cost you. But we will not let you grieve alone. Here is everything you should do to combat the Covid-slide.

6 Ways to Combat the Covid-Slide for Children

Fight the Covid-Slide with games! 

No! We are not talking about actual games but to think about something that will engage kids just like their favorite game. It can be social media or maybe your mobile phone and the apps that come along. 

Download educational apps as they can help to captivate kids with learning. They are designed to be fun and engaging. Moreover, it motivates them through lessons. Some even have options to choose the grade level that help parents identify areas of improvement for their kids. 

Online courses seem boring for children, but virtual camps can help them socialize with like-minded students and provide learning aspects at the same time.

Plan your routine around kids

We know it is tough to manage jobs and kids at home, but just like summer-breaks, take out time to plan a routine together. Look for educational programs that can be followed online or on television and watch them with your kids.

Children need some level of flexibility. So, incorporate activities such as reading, listening to lessons to keep their minds fresh. And always indulge yourself in these plans where possible.

Open up real-conversation

Younger children can hold up a lot of fears that can build stress in their minds. So, encourage them to talk more openly about how they feel about the current situation, address their concerns by being honest with them, tell them that everything will be fine. People are getting sick, but following safety procedures can protect us.  

Lastly, ask them about their new learning environment and what suggestions they have to make it better. Remember that your child may have different reactions to stress, so be patient while listening to their issues. 

Maintain healthy habits 

It is more important than ever to maintain a healthy routine during the pandemic because it helps to create a sense of order to the day. All children benefit from routines that are predictable yet flexible enough to meet their needs.

Kids are coping with a great deal of change in a short period, so they need to vent out positively. Sometimes children do not have the right words to express their feelings, but their actions can say it all. So, try to indulge in painting, drawing, music, or outdoor games to get their feelings out. 

Balance the screen time

Like it or not, you cannot escape a day away from using the screen – the same goes for your little ones. Tell them what they can do online instead of what they cannot.

Help your kids balance the screen time and healthy play efficiently. Understand that not all screen time is bad as a large part of increased screen time can be attributed to remote learning.

Digital platforms provide a vast learning experience but make sure your child is not absorbing too much of it. There is no harm in letting them play or talking to a friend online, but remember, there is so much more to do in the world.   

As a parent, your task is to alter the mindset. While most children sit and play games, get them thinking about various things or maybe building their storyline out of a video. Encourage kids to make use of screen time positively.  

Build a parent-teacher relationship

It is crucial to stay in touch with your child’s teacher or school to keep yourself informed about everything that is going on with your kid. 

Maintain a healthy relationship with teachers to figure out what works and adjust as needed. 

With these tips, the negative impact of Coronavirus stops here. So, let your children enjoy themselves at home while getting ready for the next year. 

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