An engaging children soccer program for ages 2-8 with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, curriculum, and communication.


We focus on key SMART pillars. The focus on just STEM gets only half the results. Science, Math, Art, Robotics, and Tech helps us create a future-ready curriculum, via the inclusion of the Arts component into STEM. This creates a fun and approachable way of learning for kids. A child who is unfamiliar with computer science and coding is given an unintimidating opportunity to explore said subjects, if they are first exposed to these topics with something that they are familiar with-like art and hands on building.


Health. Science. First Aid. The mission of Little Medical School is to teach children about the exciting field of medicine. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts, and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the world of medicine. Through interactive learning, kids will discover how the body and organs work, how to use medical instruments, administer first aid and even tie knots like a real surgeon. Each child will receive a diploma as a graduate of the Little Medical School after completion of the course.


MISSION: Creativity is both our Passion and Purpose!  Our goal is to INSPIRE THE CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT OF THE WHOLE CHILD!


Our Art Program:

  • Teaches a wide array of art skills (Including Drawing, Cartooning, Painting & Sculpture),
  • Offers opportunities for self-expression,
  • Promotes creative problem-solving,
  • Facilitates emotional healing,
  • Enhances cognitive function, and
  • Is simply enjoyable [Creating fun, whimsical art can inspire a giggle or two]!


Why is Creativity so Important?

  • Being creative helps one become a better problem solver in all areas of life.  Creativity helps one see things differently and better deal with uncertainty.  Studies show that creative people are better able to adapt their thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown, thereby making them more successful in life.
  • During the course of our art programs, students explore an exciting selection of media and techniques.  As students’ progress through art classes, the children will continue to build upon skills, knowledge and techniques learned, while mastering the basic Elements and Principles of art.
  • Instructors at our art school understand that each child perceives, processes, learns, applies, and appreciates art in their own way. 
  • Therefore, our creative classroom environment promotes interactive lessons, encourages student engagement, fosters student innovation, while also motivating children to learn using a variety of techniques and tools. 
  • We think outside the box and we sometimes color outside the lines!  This process can really transform the way students acquire knowledge and how they apply it in real life.


Little Veterinarian School® encourages elementary school children to role play and explore the exciting world of veterinarians. Using interactive demonstrations, crafts and games, kids learn how to take care of a pet and use instruments that real veterinarians use. Each student will take home their own stuffed animal cat that they will adopt along with exam forms, handmade cat toys and so much more!