Fall Reading List

Summer vacation is nearly over but there is still time to enjoy completing a summer reading list! You may have already been trying to find activities for your kids to partake in. How about you make this remaining summertime more special for your kids by reading some good books with them?

Perhaps you have scheduled some outdoor plans on the side as well. Good for you! Both are important. Know that one of the most important things that parents often forget is to spend some quality time with their kids. Attempt to become involved and encourage productive activities that help not only your children but maybe even yourself.

The idea of a summer reading list provides goals for your children to strive for and can even broaden their perspective of the world. Talk with them about what you’ve read together. Listen to their interpretation. You may learn something yourself.

Your child will develop their ability to read, listen, and be creative while enjoying a great time with you. Not only will they learn, but you will learn more about your child. Reading can introduce topics that normally wouldn’t usually be brought up. This can be mentally stimulating.  

Here we have listed some of our favorite books that we hope you enjoy together:


A classic book, the story takes place at a Catholic boarding school in Paris. There, twelve little girls lived with their caretaker following a strict schedule and going about their day together encountering all sorts of happenings.

The smallest of the little girls, and the only redhead, was Madeline. In the book, your child will have the opportunity to see the strength of the bond that the characters share. This book will teach your child a lesson on bravery, companionship, love, and the challenges of life.


No, David!

A cute story about a troublesome child who learns that despite his wild behavior and disobedient tendencies, his mother will always love him. No matter what he goes through, no matter how wild or unique he is, he will always have her affection. A story that displays the power of love and how sometimes, all we need is a hug. 


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom:

This book is really enjoyable with some refreshing content. It is a story about the alphabet letters trying to climb the coconut tree, all presented in a creative and engaging manner. Give your children the chance to sing and laugh while learning the English alphabet. 


The Magic School Bus Series:

The Magic School Bus is a wonderful, educational book series about a teacher and her students venturing into different time periods and other incredible, extraordinary locations that most humans could never journey to. With the help of their magic school bus, the class and the teacher are given the opportunity to have more hands-on, up close learning that your child will enjoy every second of. 


The Giving Tree:

The Giving Tree is a joyful yet sad story about the cycle of life, growing up, generosity, selflessness, selfishness, and love. A tree that will give anything to ensure the happiness of the child it loves, the tree eventually realizes that it has forgotten about its own happiness.

A story of kindness, teaching the reader that while it is okay to help others, you must also think about yourself. You can love someone and not give them everything they need. Giving someone everything while they give you nothing in return results in you being drained.  


Where the Wild Things Are:

A classic story about a misbehaving boy named Max who uses the power of his imagination to escape his world and venture off to the land of monsters where he establishes his dominance and rules as king. A story about dealing with one’s feelings, the feelings of others, love, friendship, and the longing for home. A story with beautiful illustrations and multiple awards, this book is a must-read for your child. 


If You Made a Million:

Another great read that delves into the value of money, the different coins/bills, and showing the importance of saving it for the future. The book shows an absurd amount of money in coins to showcase the importance of larger paper bills and checks. Showing reckless financial expenditures for fun while also presenting other more financially secure investments for one’s future all in a fun, beautifully drawn book that is guaranteed to teach your child more about how money works. 


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:

A story about a faraway island in which food rains from the sky three times a day. The people live there and rely on the supply of food constantly without concern. However, when the food begins to rain down in larger amounts than can be consumed, the people begin to realize that something disastrous is going to happen.

A fun, adventurous story that will keep your children on their toes and eager to see what happens next. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a fantastic option to keep your child enthralled and even yourself if you have never read the story. With beautiful illustrations and plenty of laughable situations, we highly recommend this book.


The Cat in the Hat:

A well-known children’s book about a couple of siblings bored out of their minds on a rainy day, who is visited by a strange and tall cat in a hat who encourages them to try new “fun” things that may not be so good for their household. A story of learning how to have fun while not causing trouble for others.

A story that delves into the importance of speaking your mind when you know something is wrong. Stand your ground and be firm when you do not like something. This book is fun, beautifully drawn, and displays valuable lessons that your child can benefit from. 


Goodnight Moon:  

A beautifully drawn story about a large cast of characters going to sleep when night comes. Illustrations that incite wonder and make you want to jump in, Goodnight Moon is a wonderful book for your child to fall asleep to before bed. 


The Very Hungry Caterpillar: 

A book with a unique art style that follows the journey of a very hungry caterpillar as he goes about his day eating as much as he possibly can for a very special goal that he has in mind…A story that will intrigue your child and possibly even teach them more about caterpillars and their life cycle.

This book will help them learn to appreciate the beauty of life. We are all growing and we all wish to shine. Strive towards that goal. Be the best you can be. 


Where the Sidewalk Ends:

A book of poems by the renowned author Shel Silverstein. Full of poems created by Silverstein’s unique perspective and sense of humor, Silverstein has also included many fun illustrations that are bound to make both you and your child laugh.

All the poems have a story to tell and plenty of things to laugh at and learn from. A book that I personally return to often when I need some silliness in my life. A book that is worth picking up if you want to see just what the creative mind is capable of. 


The Stranger:

A book by Chris Van Allsburg, this story leaves the final interpretation to the reader and explains nothing concerning the strange occurrences in the story. Who is the man? Where did he come from?

Chris Van Allsburg enjoys leaving hints in his very detailed, immersive illustrations that are guaranteed to pique your curiosity. We enjoy his stories as nothing is directly explained and they force you to think. Be very observant of the small details. Who do you think the stranger is?


Are You my Mother?:

A story about a hatched bird who is seeking out his mother after many interactions with other animals. A fun adventure that your child is sure to enjoy with cute drawings to accompany the story from the perspective of the bird.

On his journey, the bird discovers just how inexperienced he is and how desperately he needs his mother so he can make sense of the other animals and things around him. 


The Rainbow Fish:

A cute story that gives lessons on sharing and how to make friends. The story is told as a story of growth from the perspective of a beautiful fish who refuses to share his shining scales with other fish.

When he notices that the other fish ignore him, he begins to wonder why this could possibly be. How can he befriend them? The Rainbow Fish is a story that your child will appreciate and learn from while also being able to enjoy the vibrant drawings.  



We Hope You Enjoy Our Selection of Favorites:

We hope you found this list helpful and begin looking at all the options with your child. Hopefully, you both enjoy it and are able to further discuss the deeper meanings behind the stories.

Listening to what your child has to say is always a blessing as well. Get those creative gears turning!

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