Who is a Self-Inspired Child?
A child who has been exposed to critical learning habits. A child who develops concentration, self-discipline, has a sense of order, and is persistent in completing a task. A child who is creative in self-expression and cultivates a love of learning.
How does my child become a Self-inspired Learner?
During the Pre-Primary years, in a prepared environment, the children have endless opportunities to develop their senses and motor skills with the aid of self-correcting materials. This foundation then continues to be built upon in the kindergarten and elementary years as a child moves into the academic areas with confidence. In our Pre-Primary curriculum, a child learns from older children, helps younger children, and shares with peers. This, in turn, prepares them to assume leadership within the classroom. The behavior and work habits learned are reinforced in a supportive and exciting environment. All preparations for academic work and social and emotional development, which have been so carefully nurtured, blossom in the elementary years.
What are all the services you guys provide?
Our services include Childcare, Infant thru Elementary School, Before and After School Programs, Summer Camp, Spring Camp and Winter Camp.
What is the difference between Montessori School Of Downtown and Shipra?
While our programming is consistent at all of our campuses, the Shipra School is a non-profit learning environment that supports the equal education of underprivileged girls in high-need areas across the globe.
How big are the classroom sizes?
We adhere to state ratios in every single classroom.
Which ages/grades do you serve?
Our school teaches children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.
What kind of security is provided on campus?
We provide a safe and secure environment at all of our locations. Some campuses have full time security guards.
What if I want to move in my child during the middle of the semester?
We will accommodate the child by evaluating them for placement.
Can I transfer my child to another branch of Montessori School Of Downtown?
Yes, transfer is possible to and from sister schools at all times of the year.
What qualifications/special trainings do the teachers have?
The teachers are either degreed and/or certified of Montessori trained. All Depending on the demands of the position they are placed in.
Do you administer standardized testing at your campuses?
We administer the Stanford10 tests annually for all Elementary students at Montessori School of Downtown.
Can I remove my child from Montessori School of Downtown whenever I want?
Yes, you can withdraw your child, but there is a notice period that needs to be fulfilled beforehand.
What is the difference between Montessori and traditional education?
We cater to each child’s specific needs at our schools and take an individualized approach to their growth and development.
Who accredits and oversees Montessori schools?
The State oversees all Montessori schools and we are currently in the process of accreditation through AdvancedEd.
Since Montessori classrooms emphasize non-competitiveness, how are students adequately prepared for real-life competition later on?
Each child is encouraged and supported to be the best that they can be. We believe in positive, growth-oriented competition, which starts at a young age. Children are prepared to compete with themselves rather than with other kids around them.
Without objective measurements like grades, how do you assess a Montessori School of Downtown child’s performance?
In the School of Infants thru and our Pre-Primary school, children are measured through the achievement of key milestones. At the Elementary level, we compliment this approach with report cards and grades to provide a better understanding of a child’s abilities.
Are sports part of a Montessori education?
Yes. we provide Physical Education which includes many different sports.
What is Montessori?
It is an educational philosophy that creates a love for lifelong learning.
Why should I choose Montessori School of Downtown instead of another Montessori-based school?
To put it simply, we are the best. We have proven the success of our approach to self-inspired learning over the past 35 years. Others agree… this year, we were given the Top Choice award for “Best Montessori School” in the Houston metro area!
Whats the difference between a Montessori school and a Public school?
Montessori School has smaller class sizes, individualized teacher attention, and an accelerated curriculum.
What does Montessori School of Downtown do better/different than other schools?
As a school system, we have been creating Self-Inspired Learners for over 35 years. We are the oldest privately-owned Montessori school system in Houston. Our record speaks for itself!

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