Get Crafty with Your Kids This Christmas

Are you finding it difficult to keep up the Christmas spirit amid all the restrictions? Yet, nothing brings on the spirit of a Merry Christmas then happy faces and your children’s laughter. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started with these ideas to get you crafty this Christmas.

Tree Ornaments


Help your children create a lifetime of memories with DIY Christmas tree ornaments.Let your little ones paint the transparent baubles. They can fill these with Styrofoam beads or sparkles for a festive look. Cinnamon sticks felt, and burlap is also great to work with. You can also create picture lollipops with your kiddies.


Think. Make. Share

Cut out stockings shape from felt and stick the two pieces leaving an opening. The tiny tots can have fun decorating them with a rick rack, beads, ribbons, pom-poms, and a lot more. Kids will love looking at their creations displayed for all to admire.


Studio DIY

Let the tots add a pop of color and a kid-approved Christmas décor. Create Christmas balloon wreaths with them. Also, get your teenyboppers to recycle mason jar lids into festive wreaths. Let them use paints, ropes, felt strips, ribbons, and bells to create fun holiday décor.

DIY Hot Cocoa Kit

Country Living

What makes for a perfect Christmas gift for the uber-chilly weather? A hot cocoa kit of course. This holiday, let your little brigade help you create and decorate cute DIY hot cocoa kits. Guaranteed they’ll want a cup too, but it is worth spending quality time with loved ones.




Paper Plate Christmas Tree (or Santa!)


Want to reuse all those leftover paper plates from Thanksgiving? Kids can paint them green for a Christmas tree. Help them glue the plates together and add pom-poms and shiny stickers to decorate the tree. Also, help them create a charming googly-eyed Santa with a white beard and pom-poms for a nose.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

PJS and Paint

Go on a treasure hunt with your kids and gather as many pine cones as you can. Let them paint these pine cones green and leave the rest of the décor to them. They can dip their little fingers into paint and put tiny dots on the tree for ornaments.

Homemade Christmas Cards


Christmas is the perfect time for this activity. Children can create lovely cards with wreaths, gingerbread houses, or string art activities.

Kids love dipping hands in paint. Don’t worry about the mess. Let them make cute fingerprint cards especially for a doting grandparent. Depending on your kiddos’ ages they can also opt for pop-up or noodle cards as well.

Sparkly Icicles

Kids Craft Room

Children are fascinated with frosted windows and icicles hanging down. The Sparkly Icicles are a wonderful way to bring winter magic inside your homes. All you need is aluminum foil, glue, and glitter to create this beautiful craft with your kids. Once ready, you can hang them on the windows for winter display or use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Pasta Christmas Tree

The Best Ideas For Kids.

Your little noodle will love creating a tree using colorful pasta and macaroni. Get your macaroni and pasta in sandwich bags with red, green, and golden paints. Kids can stick the dried colorful macaroni on the tree template or drawing. They can alternate between different colors. Sprinkle a little glitter to add a festive touch to this beautiful craft.

Reindeer Puppets

Fireflies and Mud Pies

Kids love playing with puppets. This Christmas, get your little ones to create some of their reindeer puppets. Dig into your craft supplies, find an easy tutorial online, and Viola! You will have Rudolph, Vixen, Dancer, Prancer, and the rest of the fleet in action.

Sock Snowman

Easy Peasy and Fun

Are you also a victim of the missing socks phenomenon? Well, we have the perfect solution for all those odd socks. Grab some buttons and socks and create a cute DIY snowman with your kids. The snowman craft is ideal for creating handmade gifts, door stoppers, and bookends.

3D Snowflakes

Craft Box Girls

Three-dimensional paper snowflakes look splendid hanging in a window or on a wall. Yet, you or older kids will have to do the major scissor work here. Kids of all ages can help you stick the flakes on a string and place them where they can be admired by all.


Merry Christmas from Montessori School of Downtown!

Jamie Street

We at Montessori School of Downtown wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come! We are waiting anxiously to welcome our little ones back.

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