How to Help Your Child Prepare for a Field Trip

For many people, when they think back to their Elementary school experience, some of the most memorable moments they have are from the outings they got to take with their classmates. Student field trips are important for a child’s intellectual and emotional development. They are an important way for a child to gain a sense of independence and gain cultural appreciation.

However, if your child is young, or simply hasn’t been out on a field trip before, here are a few ways your can help prepare your child for the event so that it is a pleasant event where they can make lifelong memories:


  1. Refresh yourself on the school’s policies and procedures.
    • At MSODT and Shipra, we send out communication about the specific needs for each field trip. Make sure you verify what your child will need during the outing.
  2. Locate field trip items the night before.
    • Avoid the morning rush, and make sure your child lays out their outfit (complete with their blue MSODT/Shipra field trip shirt). If your child will be outdoors during the trip, make sure you locate your sunscreen and bug spray for easy application in the morning.
  3. Set expectations for your child’s behavior.
    • Remind them to be mindful of the rules, and to follow their group leader.
  4. Make sure your child gets a full night of rest, and a hearty meal before the day starts.


After the field trip, engage your child about what they saw and experienced during the day. By having an opportunity to reflect on the experience, your child will solidify memories of their adventures!

AUTHOR: Montessori School of Downtown

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