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How To Keep Your Child From Getting Sick?

Children are meant to enjoy their joyous life without a streak of worry in their minds. They need not care about the future and are perfect examples of humans living in the moment.

But as parents, you cannot take their responsibility lightly. Parents are gifts from God to the child and you are assigned with a very intricate responsibility of taking care of your child to the best ability.

Tender illnesses and health attacks do not inform you before attacking your little one’s body. And so, you have to be well prepared as your child may not be in a stage of having the best immunity to resist sickness. It is always wise as parents to take certain preventions and measures at home and in immediate surroundings so that your child is not directly exposed to any kind of germ which may affect it.

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Here are some suggestions of how you can be preventive for the well-being of your child.


    • Inculcate in your child the practice of washing your hands at certain intervals. This is one of the best habits one can develop while growing up. Washing hands with a sanitizer or hand wash removes the layer of germs which he has carried along from the playground and there is less risk of direct contact.

    • If your child is affected by a sudden cold, teach him to cover his mouth before sneezing or coughing. This will prevent further germs from being spread out.

    • Regularly clean the surfaces of your tables, chairs, and other furniture to keep them clean and dust-free. This will protect your child from house dust and allergies.

    • Vaccinations are very important when your child is a toddler. Several vaccines have been invented till now which prevent your child from being attacked by strong diseases which he is otherwise prone to catch. Some of the vaccines available are herpes, chickenpox, and polio.

    • Regular washing of clothes that he wears is an important part of the regime. You can use antiseptic liquids along with your regular washing liquid so that it takes extra care of making it germ-free.

    • Consult a pediatrician when you decide to list his diet. There are some common food items that are necessary for every child but the pediatrician will suggest items according to what suits your child and what doesn’t. Keep him away from fried or too many chocolates. See to it that he gets a balanced diet which provides him with all the necessary nutrients.

    • Regular check-ups with the doctor are very necessary to maintain normalcy in his life and growth. 

    • Playing outdoors and staying in contact with nature keeps your child in good physical and mental health. He will improve his stamina and resistance in this manner. This will also develop his sense of self-dependence.

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