Infant Activity Manual

0 ~ 12 MONTHS


As the baby grows he will...

You can help the baby learn if you...

turn body towards object

try to get the infant to adjust his body to the movement of the object you are holding so he can see it.

gradually gain control of back muscles - sit up, with support

play exercise games while you hold his hands

try hitting (with up and down arm movement) and shaking (side to side arm movement)

demonstrate hitting an object against a hard surface with your hand encourage baby to copy

bounce his body in a rhythmic manner

bounce him on your knees to the tempo of background music

sit without support

place attractive toys near him, but so that he must reach for them.

perform a lot of gross motor activity

see that he has many interesting objects and people to interact with

pull himself up and stand firmly while holding on

encourage him to walk while supporting him

crawl up and down stairs

help baby begin upward exploration by aiding and encouraging him to climb up onto low stools etc.


As the baby grows he will...

You can help the baby learn if you...

cry because he needs you

always be aware of what's happening

begin to try to feed himself

give baby finger foods to practice on

want to use his cup/spoon to feed himself

help him learn, even if it's messy & time consuming.

start trying to pickup things he has dropped

give him chances to pick up all kinds of objects

begin to take off clothing the he can remove easily

let the child do as much as possible for himself when you undress him

look and play with fingers and toes

find ways to play with baby and talk about his fingers, toes etc.

babble and coo in baby talk instead of crying when he is alone

notice when he's babbling to himself and make similar noises for him

turn his head when called by name or when familiar objects are named

call baby by name as you talk to him name similar noises for him

begin to repeat words or sounds of more than one syllable

imitate his sounds and give him new words and sounds to try

begin to say real words such as Mama, Dada, etc.

respond enthusiastically whenever baby says a real word

begin to know what the names of many things are

tell the baby the name of common things he sees


As the baby grows he will...

You can help the baby learn if you...

Look all around at things, near and far

move around, try to catch baby's attention

hold onto objects, look at them, put then in his mouth

give baby safe objects with interesting shapes that he can easily hold

spend time looking at his own hands

move mobiles and other objects further away let baby look at his hands

bring his hands in front of his body and them together

hold small, safe objects in front of baby so he can grab them with both hands

turn his body and grab an object with both hands

let baby play with objects that he must turn toward and reach out for

be able to hold two toys at once, reaching across his body to get the second toy

play toy-passing games with baby using only two toys; extend a toy to the hand that already has a toy

play with several toys-dropping one and picking up another, one by one

show baby to pick things up and drop them one by one

learn about things by handling them - his eyes and hands are learning to work together

give him many interesting things to look at and explore

begin to use the thumb and forefinger grip (pincher grip)

show baby how to pick up these items; finger foods reward baby for practicing

begin to poke, pat and to discover that things stay where they are even when he can't see them

give baby toys that will help him learn these things

let you keep a toy for him while he's playing with other toys

play at passing toys back and fourth with baby; see how many he can hold

enjoy playing with all kinds of objects

give baby things he can use easily, such as baskets, hats and things that fit inside each other

use different actions with different objects

demonstrate how to use things; try crumpling paper, pulling a toy, squeaking a toy to make it squeak etc.

drop or throw objects

start baby in a cycle of dropping or throwing a ball or a cardboard tube; keep handing it back; back an forth ball-rolling is another CYCLE game

put his spoon in his cup and let go; hold cup with both hands and drink

show baby how to do this; then let him try


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