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Keeping the Kids Entertained During Break

Whether they’re on Fall, Winter, or Spring Break, kids tend to get restless and misbehave after a few days of unstructured time around the house. However, there are many ways you for keeping kids entertained, busy and learning during the break. All while having fun! The next time your children are home from school, try a few of these easy and affordable activities that will keep your child happy and safe throughout the day!

Ask Their Opinion

It may seem like a plan that could backfire, but giving your children input in the activities they’d like to take part in helps them feel invested in what they are doing, which will limit misbehavior and boredom throughout the break.

Collect Toys to Donate

This activity benefits everyone, as it declutters your house, teaches your children the gift of giving, and helps a child in need find a new plaything. Although persuading your children to give up some of their old favorites, giving them a choice in what they choose to donate will make the activity more meaningful, and they will be able to have the personal satisfaction of giving something cherished to someone in need!

This Family’s Got Talent

little boy making crafts
There are a lot of things you can do to keep kids entertained

Plan an informal talent show at home! Give your children time to rehearse and create their “acts” during the day. Record the show with your phone to share the performances with your far-away family members!

Dress Up

Create themed-dress days for the break! Give your kids a chance to express themselves with themes like superheroes, a day in the tropics, sport heroes, crazy hairstyles, and even a funny pajama day! If you’re feeling brave, dress up with them!

Bake Up a Storm (Or a Cookie!)

Spend an afternoon baking and icing cookies with your kids. Give them the freedom to get creative!

Remember, you don’t have to use a lot of money keeping kids entertained and thriving when they’re home from school. The more room for creativity they have, the better! And as always, don’t be afraid to join in on the fun…you deserve it!