Magic Classes for Kids

In these perilous times, it can be daunting to raise a young child. With your mind distracted about other things that require your attention, you may be concerned that your child is not experiencing new concepts or utilizing their creative potential just being at home. 

As a parent, the growth and mental development of your young child are quite important. When children are young, stimulating their youthful minds with fun yet challenging activities can be very beneficial, especially when it gives them an outlet for their creativity. 

Out of the many activities, there are, an interesting activity you may consider for your child are…magic classes! Yes, you read that correctly.

While the wondrous art of magic may sound like a silly activity to learn or a useless talent, it actually comes with many benefits for even adults. Instead of leaving them bored, get them to start learning magic secrets instead. 

Classes are available both in-person and online from many people and locations. Of course, due to COVID-19, it is not recommended to go out of the house too much now, but the idea still remains for the future.

Online classes are an option but learning with others will always be better.

Below are listed benefits that your child may experience.

  • Increase in manual dexterity
  • See from the perspective of others
  • Self-confidence/esteem growth
  • Life long hobby/skill
  • Development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Development of increased verbal and interaction skills
  • Development of a greater sense of imagination and creativity 
  • Development of social skills and concepts
  • Increase in self-discipline

Below are additional details on the most crucial skills developed and why you should get your child involved with magic classes.

boy reading a book

Critical Thinking/ Brainstorming

 Performing magic tricks, memorizing tricks, and presenting tricks all require a mind that is constantly active. Not only would a student need to practice the quick, accurate movement required for many tricks, but they would also need to be able to mentally plan out the performance in their head.

Any good magician must be able to do both of those things at once while also being able to converse with their audience, build tension, and distract them from crucial sleight of hand. 

Stimulation of Creativity 

The concept of magic is quite wonderful to children as it most often leads them to wonder, create stories, and possibly attempt to invent their own tricks. The thought of being able to show family and friends the fruit of their practice will hopefully motivate your child to be creative with their tricks and dialogue. 

Increased Hand Dexterity

 The hand dexterity of a child will naturally become more fluid, quick, and in control with lots of practice. This could also contribute to other hand motions that they would use in other activities at home or at school.

Mastery of one’s hands is not just a skill limited to practicing magic and can be used in many other areas that could potentially interest them later on. It certainly cannot hurt to learn how to use one’s hands in new ways. 

An Attractive Personality

 The presence of a true magician who is confident in their craft will be excited to learn magic tricks and perform magic shows. The teachings of magic could teach respect, inspire creativity, and lead your child to develop their communication skills.

A great way to break the ice, form new relationships, display talent, and make others laugh are other benefits to having a more powerful personality as a result of the practice of magic.

AUTHOR: Montessori School of Downtown

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