Making Chores a Part of the Family Routine


The benefits of giving your children responsibilities around the house have been proven. Children who
are given chores at a young age are more successful as adults, develop their fine and gross motor skills,
learn to work well with others, learn about delayed gratification, and gain a sense of purpose. But after a
long day, the last thing any parent wants to do is follow up with their children to make sure they did
their chores. Getting children to complete their chores in a timely manner is a chore in and of itself…in
many cases, it can feel like it’d be more efficient to complete the task yourself.

So how do we make sure that our children can reap the benefits of having responsibilities around the
house? Here are a few tips to make chore time pleasant and productive for parents and children alike:

Make it a Game
Use your imagination and ask your child to help you make rules to the game! By involving your child in
the rulemaking process, they will be more invested in the process of following them. Consider using
timers or stopwatches to add a competitive element to the process!

Sing About It
Put on a fun playlist, or let your children use earphones to jam out while they finish their chores. You
can even use the songs as challenges! “See if you can finish the dishes before the song finishes!”

Switch it Up
Creating a rotating chart where kids do different jobs each week prevents boredom and disengagement.
Keep their responsibilities fresh, so that they stay interested!

Acknowledge Good Work
Make the process a positive one by making a point of noticing the things your child does well during the
process. By getting specific, positive feedback about their work, they will be good about how they’ve
contributed to the family!

Most importantly, be consistent. Once their responsibilities become routine, your children will become
more independent, and they will be able to learn valuable life skills at home. In time, your household
will begin to function more smoothly, and the whole family will have more time for the things they love!