Children work to create the adults they will become. Dr. Maria Montessori observed that although adults work to perfect their environment, children work to perfect themselves. It is our role as educators to guide them through this important work.

In the special environment prepared for our children, we empower them to express their inner needs when they are ready to tackle them. Through extensive research, the Pre-Primary curriculum was developed with an emphasis placed on language arts, math, practical life, the arts and sensorial perceptions. Our activities and lesson plans encourage small group activity as well as individual work and aid the child in the process of integration of the body and mind through work. The whole curriculum promotes holistic human development intellectually, physically, socially and uses a wide range of activities to refine sensory perceptions and to help the child adapt to a wider environment, the universe. Our classrooms are unique, and filled with quality materials used to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, science, music and social studies.