preschool kids lining up

Preschool Pros and Cons of Sending your Child to Preschool

Sending kids to preschool offers a plethora of wonderful benefits for most children. However, as each child has their own unique needs, deciding whether to send your child to preschool can be daunting decision. Even parents who have taken the preschool route agree that preschool has its downsides. Need help in making a decision? Take…

mother with a toddler

5 Tips to Handle a Clingy Toddler

There will come a time when toddlers cling to their parents. It might be cute at first, but in the long run it will become tiresome and annoying. Children become clingy when they become afraid or anxious. This is  common in children, especially when there is a change happening. Changes in caregivers or babysitters or…