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A Vision

"Changing the world, one child at a time"


It all began over 30 years ago with two newlyweds who were passionate about education. Ms. Rita, an eminent professional educator, and Mr. Hersh, a natural teacher and entrepreneur, created together a child care education program that does not focus on exactness, but rather the concept of self-inspired learning. Thus, was created a system where a child is not taught directly, but given the skills to learn. They believed that you have to take the child along with you, by enjoying the learning process and having the institution adjust to the needs of the child, rather than the other way around. Their experience has helped them shape a vision that is extraordinary and unique.

Maria Montessori lived in the 19th century, therefore she could not depict the children of today and their needs. These visionaries took the foundation of Montessori and created a system of learning that is not traditional but modified and expanded. They complimented her philosophy, creating a hands-on learning experience, which increased the attention span and concentration of each learner. It also cultivated a global outlook, a spirit of inquiry and concern for man and environment. The vision was to create a "life" school, in which dreams are fulfilled; a natural quest. They instilled the idea that the educators within the school also need a quest; that anything which is good should be passed onto the next generation. Children could expand their horizons, based upon a deep philosophy, conviction,  love for lifelong-learning, and a quest for excellence.

With each child we send out our door, after their time here is finished. We can rest assured that we are one-step closer to making this world a better place. 

Meet our Leader Mr. D. S., MSOD Shipra, Pearland TX

Mr. D.S.

Mr. D.S., a man of unique qualities, is one of our earliest and most key member. With a MBA and Law degree, he joined the corporate world and had a successful career for over 5 years. He then realized that life is more than just work. He followed his passion to work in the field of child care education, and make a difference in the life of children, which he has done for thousands. With very strong work ethics, he clearly sets an example for all the employees at MSODT, whom he leads. His story is one of a kind. Mr. D.S joined the company as a volunteer, with no pay and eventually progressed all the way to the top. He is serving as CEO of the School System for the last six years. He is a gentleman, a life long vegetarian, a very competitive athlete, and all in all, a very humble man, yet a strong leader. The MSODT family is very proud of such a exemplary individual as their leader.*Masters Degree in Business Administration*Masters Degree in Law*Bachelors Degree in Economics

Meet our Leader Ms. Ashia, MSOD Shipra, Pearland TX

Ms. Ashia

Ashia Kayzer is an exciting, unique, and motivating results driven leader. She has been in the education industry for the past 17 years. During that time, she has contributed to the growth and success of many large organizations, and now embraces her role as Executive Director at Montessori School of Downtown. She brings a wealth of knowledge, and technical expertise in regards to school operations, as well as a charismatic character, and uplifting energy. What has made her a dynamic manager is her servant leadership approach, exceptional parent service, and a remarkable precision to detail.
She is a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry based learning, utilizing the very characteristics our Self-Inspired Curriculum aims to teach. A proud parent of a Pre-Law, 4th year student at the University of Houston on academic scholarship, and an honors student attending William B Travis. Her personal mission in life is to inspire one child at a time!
Meet our Leader Ms. Teresa, MSOD Shipra, Pearland TX

Ms. Teresa

Ms. Teresa is committed to excellence in education, dedicated to children, parents and to the school. The Montessori philosophy creates an organized freedom, and she supports that promise by having all things in order, and in a clean and secure environment so that children feel safe in their place of learning. Her goal as a Leader is to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment which allows children to become well rounded, self-inspired individuals. Her passion for the Montessori philosophy of teaching extends from twenty three powerful years in education. She is a dedicated mother. Her background in Personnel Management is reflected in her leadership and in her contribution in staff training. Ms. Teresa served as Program Coordinator for all School of Infants programs as well as Admissions Coordinator. Ms. Teresa is a one of our key employees and has served as Director at the Pearland, Downtown, and Silverlake Campus. She strives for perfection in all she does.

*Masters Degree in Personnel Management and Special Education

*Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and is a certified teacher

*Certified Child Care Director
Meet our Leader Ms. Urmila, MSOD Shipra, Pearland TX

Ms. Urmila

Ms. Urmila joined our Montessori family over 20 years ago. Her hard work and dedication towards our catered art of child care education helped her excel as a teacher. It was through the commitment to excellence that she became the Clearlake campus’ program coordinator. Recognized for her superior performance and positive attitude, she quickly became head program coordinator for all five campuses. Throughout her time at the Montessori schools, Mrs. Urmila has treated every child as her own; always with a mother’s gentle smile, and a father’s stern redirection. She not only has maintained our curriculums’ superior standard, but rather improved it with each passing year. Her passionate character and strong heart towards the soul of education, shared by all our top executives, is the firm foundation upon which our institution teaches self-inspired learning.*Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education*Montessori Certified with over 20 years Experience

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