“Changing the world, one child at a time.”

It all began over 30 years ago with two newlyweds who were passionate about education. Together, Ms. Rita, a renowned professional educator, and Mr. Hersh, a natural teacher and entrepreneur, created a child care education program that focused on the concept of self-inspired learning. They created an educational system where children were not taught directly, but were instead given the skills to learn for the rest of their lives. They believed that the child should enjoy the learning process, and that the learning environment should adjust to the needs of the child. Their experience has helped them realize a vision that is extraordinary and unique.

Maria Montessori lived in the 19th century, so she could not predict the needs of children today. Ms. Rita and Mr. Hersh took the foundation of Montessori, modifying and expanding it to encompass the needs of children developing as lifelong learners. They complimented her philosophy by creating a hands-on learning experience for students, which increased the attention span and concentration of each learner. In their program, they also emphasized a global outlook, and a spirit of inquiry and concern for man and the environment. In doing so, they created a learning environment in which dreams were pursued, a natural quest for learners of all ages. They instilled the idea that the educators within the school should also be guided by a quest; that anything learned that is positive should be passed onto the next generation. Under their focused guidance, a child could expand their horizons, based upon a deep philosophy, conviction, love for lifelong-learning, and a quest for excellence.

Mr D.S.

Mr. D.S. is one of earliest members, and his contributions have been essential to the quality and success of the MSODT system.


Ms. Ashia

Ashia Kayzer is an innovative, results-driven, servant-leader. Catalyzed by growth, she has been a notable driving force in the education industry for the past 18 years. .


Ms. Urmila Kadam

Director Of Research & Development

Leslie Haugh

Corporate Elementary Coordinator

Shruti Shouche

Corporate Pre Primary Coordinator