“Education is a natural process that occurs spontaneously”

We teach children to be inspired by their good work, rather than rewards, thus creating a love of learning. As self-inspired learners, our students possess a strong conviction and power of the heart, minds and bodies working together. Children are no longer restless, because they have developed a long attention span and love of learning.

We are different from traditional childcare in several important ways:

  • We provide a child-centric learning environment
  • We nurture our students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development
  • Learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement
  • Self-direction is encouraged
    Class sizes are kept small, allowing the teacher to have focused time with your child
  • Teachers build self-confidence in students by breaking down tasks into smaller components

New challenges are introduced to children at their own natural pace. This enables children to form a habit of being successful one step at a time, building a firm foundation for continued enthusiasm, as well as their lifelong quest of knowledge. Once on their way, they cannot be stopped as they explore their immediate surroundings, and eventually, the universe.