Parents Corner


The Friends of the Montessori School of Downtown organization (available to the Silverlake Campus only) is dedicated to enhancing the Montessori experience for students, teachers, parents, and the community thus making Montessori education more accessible to families in need. This encourages our students to be successful and responsible citizens.


Each family, faculty member, and staff person in good standing shall have one vote.
Voting may take place by voice, electronic ballot, or upon request, by written ballot.

  • Any parent or guardian of a student at the School, the Director, or any teacher currently employed at the School may become a FMSODT Member.

  • Each member shall pay annual membership dues of TEN ($10.00) to the FMSODT.

  • Only members in good standing (who have paid their annual dues at least 14 calendar days prior to a FMSODT meeting) shall be eligible to vote or serve on the Board.

  • Dues shall be paid in August of each year and be considered good throughout the school year which shall end on July 31.

Montessori School Of Downtown Committees
  • Fundraising

  • FMSODT Membership

  • Meetings

  • FMSODT Board Members

  • Directory Committee

  • Scholarship Committee

  • Library Committee

  • International Festival Committee

  • Book Fair

  • Community Service Committee

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