The Premiere Montessori School in Pearland

Creating self-inspired learners through outstanding education is our ultimate goal here at the Montessori School of Downtown. For more than 35 years, our curriculum has nurtured the natural curiosity in each and every child. Our educational process has been proven to be effective in inspiring young children’s creative thinking, which as a result, creates the most valuable early learning experiences.

The Montessori School of Downtown also takes pride in our superior facility designed to cater to young children’s individual needs. With our warm and inviting atmosphere, you can have peace from knowing that your child is safe and secure under our care. Our teachers and staff are trained in the Montessori concepts and principles of education. They are specialists in different subject areas including math, social studies, science, art, music and computers. We also facilitate a smooth transition for kids from one learning area to another by using consistent teaching methods.


If this is the first time you have encountered Montessori education, here are some key concepts that explain how it differs from traditional schools.

Lessons in Montessori schools are prepared in advance according to each child’s individual needs. Teachers do not deliver the same lesson for everyone because each student has their own learning pace and should be guided according to their own path.

In a Montessori classroom, young children are given the opportunities to learn and discover information by themselves through hands on activities.Whereas in traditional schools, lessons are typically delivered to all students in the same pace and order.

Students in Montessori schools learn according to their own learning curve. They are given enough time to work on lessons according to their understanding of the subject unlike in traditional schools where all children are expected to work at the same pace.

Grade levels in traditional schools strictly follow the chronological age within a 12 month period. Whereas in Montessori schools, grade levels are more flexible because they are based on the student’s developmental range.


When it comes to high-quality child care in Pearland, Montessori School of Downtown is the best choice. At MSOD, we inspire each child to create a love for learning. This is something we make possible by motivating them through their good work. As self-inspired learners, they experience early academic success that empowers them and prepares them for greater challenges that await in the future.

Because we are a child-centered daycare facility, we deem individualized learning as a valuable factor in a child’s success. Our lessons are designed based on each student’s needs. We offer excellent childcare services and the creative learning environment that you have been looking for. Choosing our school for your little one’s early education ensures a positive growth experience for them.

Montessori education can benefit your child in several different ways. If you want to give them the best quality early childhood education in Pearland, enroll them in the Montessori School of Downtown.