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We try our level best to meet the special needs of the parents because we understand that every parent has certain views about the different aspects of child care, and what is most beneficial to their child. Feel free to communicate your views and needs, and we will incorporate as many as possible to produce a mutually beneficial partnership. In addition, we can make scheduling arrangements with any working mothers who wish to breast feed their baby during the day. However, please remember, we provide group care and we do have certain limits.

Dedicated Cribs

If your child attends full-time, we guarantee a dedicated crib for your baby where all the crib paraphernalia and toys belong to your baby only. Part time parents can select a dedicated crib option.

No Drop-Ins

We do not allow drop-in children with the regularly enrolled children. This practice does forfeit extra money we could otherwise earn, but we believe in quality care. Usually, drop-in children will take far more attention than enrolled counterparts so that the registered children go short-changed. It also curtails any illnesses the child could bring into the school. Parents do continue to pay during the absences of their child so the school can keep and maintain this policy.

Stimulating Environment

At our school, babies spend the majority of the time out of their cribs. When the babies are alert and active, they are outside of their cribs being challenged and stimulated.


The School of Infants has devised a very unique concept of step scheduling by which we provide a one to five teacher-child ratio.

Parent Support

Parenting is a continual learning experience, and we occasionally offer formal parenting classes during our open houses. Our program coordinators and directors are very qualified and educated in child care issues. Many parents consult with them to help resolve child care dilemmas. Please feel free to talk with them any time.

Better Hygiene

Good hygiene is one of the areas where we get an A+ all the time. We have created several steps to produce a very healthy environment.
Vertical cribs isolate a child from other children so coughs, sneezes, colds etc do not effect one another.
We change the crib sheets on a regular basis.
All the crib toys are disinfected regularly and are never shared by two children.
The play mat is disinfected after each use.
We use disinfectant soap.
A separate staff keeps rooms clean at all times, and a night crew thoroughly cleans and disinfects.
We have high ceilings which create better ventilation in the rooms, and we always air out the rooms in the evenings.
Shoes must be taken off before entering the infant room and aprons are worn over work clothes.


We have taken several steps to administratively monitor the supervision of children by incorporating the latest electronic technology into the system. This extra sense of supervision and security gives the parent a great deal of satisfaction. We constantly keep updating our systems.

Video Monitoring

State of the art video cameras are installed in all classes as well as in corridors and in areas surrounding the school building. These are vigorously monitored by the Director and Assistant Directors.

Large Glass Windows

Large glass windows are installed in all rooms of the building which makes it easier for the parents to look in without disturbing the environment of the class. This is an asset for supervisors towards assisting our teachers.


An intercom system is installed within the building, with extensions in all classes, as well as, the cafeteria and other key locations. This helps us to communicate with teachers without having them leave the class room. This is also used in fire drills to rapidly make effective announcements and consequent evacuation.


"A parent is a parent for one child and a stranger for others." To give complete peace of mind to all of our children and parents, all adults not employed by MSODT will have an escourt by staff at all times while in the building. If a parent wishes to observe a classroom, he may do so by having someone at the front desk accompany him. We encourage parents to come and visit us during non-rush hours and appreciate our excellent program.

Outside Playtime

If parents wish, we take even the very young children outside for short periods of time, weather permitting.

Daily Report

We issue daily reports which relay when all the feedings and activities took place. The child's general mood/disposition is also recorded for your knowledge.

Developmental Checklist for Infants

Since the Montessori system is a child-oriented system (and not a school-oriented system), it is essential to keep a close watch on the child's mental and physical development. In order to achieve this effectively, the Montessori School of Downtown has developed a Developmental Checklist. This checklist helps the teachers to know entering levels of development and will be periodically updated to record new areas of growth.

Smoother Transition

We help parents to make a smoother transition for their children through new child care transition arrangements. (During the child's first week we contact the parent everyday to inform them about their child's progress.)

Computerized Records

Our computerized records make our parents very satisfied. Proper recording of immunizations, list of emergency contacts, family / friends who are allowed to pick the child up, and records of conferences and financial records help to keep everything proceeding smoothly. We issue a summary of annual payments at the end of the year which for tax documentation needs.

Physical Facility

Our School of Infants is designed and built for very young children. It is a much safer and more appropriately designed building for babies then even a house or remodeled building.

Front Reception Area - Pick ups and Drop-offs

You will always find a person in charge at our front desk who will be happy to assist you and answer most of your questions. We have a separate telephone line for existing parents who wish to call and inquire about their baby.

Activities for Infants

Gross Motor - At this stage in life, young babies are developing at a very fast pace. Babies need many gross motor activities to help develop and fine-tune these skills. We offer several developmental activities for the babies.
Kickboard - The child is motivated to kick the kickboard with his/her leg motions and is rewarded with the ringing of a bell.
Kickball - This helps to produce movements of the legs as well as the hands.
Bell Anklets - This produces movement of the legs.
Turning and changing position - This assists in producing movement in the large muscle groups.
Offering objects at a reasonable distance - Chidren are assisted in movement of small muscle groups and this also requires concentration skills.
Crawl games- Any game which helps to stimulate the crawling mechanisms in the baby are enjoyed daily.
Physical Stimulation - This achieves simple body movements for mobile infants.
Intellectual Stimulation - There is much interaction by verbal exchanges, playing music, making various noises, and exploring objects for size, shape, color, texture, movement, position and sound. Hiding objects for seek and find and motion games include clapping, singing, etc.
Social Development - There is also interaction with familiar people, reassuring and nurturing at all times, close attention to pertinent activities, verbal communication and approval, slow, simple and non-threatening competitive games.
Language -Activties involve playing with dolls and verbalization of body parts (i.e. nose, ears, mouth, etc.), making noises during all interactions, naming all objects consistently and constantly, giving meaning when introducing new words, naming all body action, reading books, looking at pictures and interacting with many fingerplays.
Self-Awareness - Staff helps facilitate bottle holding, trying finger foods, picking up small objects, learning to creep, crawl and walk.

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