Top Rated Montessori School in Silverlake

Looking for an excellent childcare facility for your child in Houston? Visit ourMontessori School of Downtown in Silverlake!
At Silverlake Montessori, we offer the best quality care through our one-of-a-kind learning environment designed to address the needs of your individual child. We promote positive growth and learning experiences for all children under our care. We also have a superior facility that can accommodate the specific needs of every student. Our teachers and staff are all professionally trained according to the principles of Montessori education. They specialize in the core subject areas that are fundamental to early childhood education including science, math, social studies, reading, art, music and computers.Our teaching methods are consistent so that children will have a smooth transition from one learning area to another. Every child has individualized attention and personal guidance from our teachers and staff through a curriculum that encourages kids to progress at their own pace. This teaches them to deal with challenges on their own which results in a faster learning process.


If you’re still thinking about whether to send your little one to a Montessori or not, here are some key concepts to consider.
  • At Montessori schools, lessons are prepared in advance and are customized based on each child’s needs. These lessons are also given according to their own learning path.
  • Students are given hands-on lessons and activities in a Montessori school versus listening passively to a teacher deliver the lessons in the same order at the same pace for all students.
  • Montessori education gives young children adequate time to work on their lessons and activities. They are not expected to have the same work pace as everyone else in the classroom.
  • Children in Montessori schools learn to love learning through a curriculum that appeals to their natural hunger for knowledge.


Here at Silverlake Montessori, we inspire children to create a love for learning. By choosing our school, your little one will love coming to learn every day. We make this possible by motivating them and focusing on their good work instead of rewards. As a result, they become self-inspired learners who possess a strong conviction to learn and succeed.

Silverlake Montessori is the best choice when it comes to early childhood education because of our outstanding education. We use an active self-directional educational process that cultivates the natural curiosity innate in young children. Our enriched curriculum is designed to help kids achieve early academic success and create a love for learning that goes beyond their school years.

High quality early childhood education is crucial to your child’s success in school and beyond. And if you’re looking for the best school with an amazing curriculum, wonderful teachers and state of the art facilities, Silverlake Montessoriis certainly your best choice.