Silverlake Leadership

Meet our Leader Mr. D. S., MSOD Shipra, Pearland TX

Mr. D.S.

Mr. D.S., a man of unique qualities, is one of our earliest and most key member. With a MBA and Law degree, he joined the corporate world and had a successful career for over 5 years. He then realized that life is more than just work. He followed his passion to work in the field of child care education, and make a difference in the life of children, which he has done for thousands. With very strong work ethics, he clearly sets an example for all the employees at MSODT, whom he leads. His story is one of a kind. Mr. D.S joined the company as a volunteer, with no pay and eventually progressed all the way to the top. He is serving as CEO of the School System for the last six years. He is a gentleman, a life long vegetarian, a very competitive athlete, and all in all, a very humble man, yet a strong leader. The MSODT family is very proud of such a exemplary individual as their leader.*Masters Degree in Business Administration*Masters Degree in Law*Bachelors Degree in Economics

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