How Teachers Can Use Technology to Teach Students at Home

Schools all over the world are closed for an indefinite time to save kids from the spread of the pandemic. However, this scenario is causing a huge loss to the studies of the growing kids.

To deal with the problem, most of the teachers are looking for the latest technologies to engage students at home. And these advancements can also be beneficial for parents to ensure kids are doing some productive work during these uncertain vacations. 

We live in the 21st century, where the world is blessed with many advanced technologies. You can find several virtual methods to ensure full-time learning for kids even when they are stuck at home.

The idea is to stay connected to them and ensure active communication; it will help you to keep your students motivated to study. 

Trusted tips to help your students learn from home

Below we have listed a few technology-inspired solutions that you can use to teach your students at home:

Set up a centralized communication platform

  • The first most task is to maintain regular communication with all your students so that you can keep them updated with the latest tasks and assignments. There are plenty of existing online learning platforms that you can use in this hour of an emergency, such as ClassDojo, Google Classroom, and Padlet.
  • Make sure you send regular emails to the students and parents regarding classwork, assignment deadlines, and other feedback. 

Flipped classroom model

  • In order to boost the learning performance, you can choose to set up a flipped classroom model. With this, you can send many valuable resources to the students, including podcasts, videos, and texts, etc. so that they can stay up to date. It is also possible to start one-to-one discussions via revolutionary online platforms. 

Create online tutorials

  • Why not make use of your YouTube channels to create valuable tutorials for your students? They can join these online classes live from their place and can even gain access to lessons for revision at a later stage.
  • There is no need to buy expensive cameras or tripods to record such video tutorials; you can complete the job by just using your smartphone camera. 

Use the quick response system

  • Well, your existing instant messaging apps can help you better maintain a quick response system for your students. Whenever they are stuck with some doubt or problem, they can update via message, audio, or video.
  • The teachers can provide one-to-one solutions to the learners instantly. You can also throw some quizzes to access the real-time performance of your kids by using some online platforms such as Top Hat, Socrative, iClicker, and Turning Technologies

These simple yet effective tricks can help teachers to maintain a healthy connection with kids during the lockdown. You can guide your students with their coursework so that they can complete the session on time. At the same time, stay connected to the parents to get regular feedback on student performance. Teachers and parents together can ensure a perfect study experience for the child.

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