Ten Commandments of a Parent-School Partnership

Do Not Continually Duplicate The Teaching Gained At School

The child has learned what he needs at school, now it is your turn to teach him what can only be gained at home. Value the child’s need for a complementing home education.

Have A Quick Pickup And Drop-Off

It is essential for the pick-up and drop-off process to run smoothly. Not only is it paramount for your child’s safety, but it also helps in creating a less stressful environment for you and your child. Going to and leaving from school, shouldn’t cause you a headache.

Attend All Parent Teacher Conference When These Are Scheduled

These scheduled-in-advance events are so essential to your and your child’s healthy relationship and growth it cannot be stressed enough. They allow you to have a 1 on 1 opportunity to discuss your child’s personalized progress and what can be done better at home in order to benefit it. This ties hand in hand, with the first point.

Attend All Open House And School Festivals And Try Volunteering For The School

Although not as crucial as PTCs, school festivals allow you to become more integrated into our community and family. These events are a great way to meet other parents, and build a community spirit. Your child will see school as a second home.

Attend Parent Education Sessions

It is paramount to benefit from one of our several Parent Education sessions, which we offer periodically. These sessions will increase your awareness and knowledge about how you can help your child’s growth and development outside of school.

Treat Yourself As A Partner Of The School In Raising Your Child, Rather Than A Client

We are not a grocery store, or a car dealership. We are caretakers and educators of your children. To us, your child is as much ours, as he is yours. So naturally, it hurts us, when we are treated as a strictly business relationship. We want what is best for your child. You want what is best for your child. So let’s work together in achieving that.

Keep Schedule Of Children Stable, And Develop A Quality Life Style

When a child’s schedule is continuously altered, she becomes very confused by what is happening. Her education and growth are severely impacted, because she doesn’t have a clear picture of what is what. Keeping a stable schedule is essential in helping develop a higher quality of life for your child. After all, there is a reason our entire universe works in a schedule.

Be Consistent With The School In Managing The Child. “Self-Inspired Child”

Our philosophy is very clear. The worst thing you can do for your child is teach him a conflicting idea at home. Your child will be torn between two strong forces. Everything you do for your child must be in an effort to make him independent and self-inspired. Do not disciple your child through negative reinforcement, or coerce his behavior through positive bribery. What the school teaches, the parents must re-enforce.

Learning Does Not Stop When You Are With Your Children

Learning is not limited to books, vocabulary, and math. Learning is life-lifelong. Learning is growth. Teach your child to learn in everything she does. Her love for education will only grow, when she understands that learning can be achieved everywhere in anything. Take your child to the park; teach her the beauty of life, the transformation of a butterfly. Teach her the simplicity of an ant, or the complexity of an airplane. Most importantly, keep her curious.

Install A Good Value System

Last but not least, provide your child with a concrete value system. We can direct your child’s moral compass, but you must create it. Teach him the values your parents taught you, and their parents before them. Pass on your legacy, so that one day your child may do the same. Without this, everything is lost anyway.

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