The Importance of Global Education

In this globalized age, we are closer than ever to people around the world, due to accessibility of technology. As industries span several continents, it is more likely that in our careers, we will need to be able to navigate cultural differences with respect and understanding. Because of this, it is more important than ever that we give children the tools they will need to understand and appreciate the world around them.

Luckily, Maria Montessori agrees that the importance of global education in the classroom. She stated that “This is education, understood as a help to life; an education from birth, which feeds a peaceful revolution and unites all in a common aim, attracting them as to a single centre.” She viewed education as something that could be shared across cultures, and that could serve as something that could unify global citizens in a common cause.

At MSODT/Shipra, we take this view to heart, and incorporate it into almost every aspect of our curriculum. We teach our students to celebrate each other’s differences and cultures in a variety of ways. Children are taught about different cultures while they are in our Pre-Primary school, and when they are ready, they go through a world-citizenship ceremony that encourages them consider the lives and need of children across the globe.

In addition, every year we host our International Festival, which centers around the celebration of our diverse school communities! International cuisine, performances, games, and crafts are featured in a collaborative festival where we share the opportunity to learn about our different traditions and customs. By integrating global education into our programming, we believe that we are carrying out Maria Montessori’s mission of using education to unite our communities in a common aim, and preparing our students to be citizens of our changing world.