The Story Behind Our Logo

We are celebrating 35 years of creating self-inspired learners in Houston and Pearland this year. Since we were founded in 1984, Montessori School of Downtown has proudly displayed its unique beach ball logo at every campus. While some may dismiss it as just a colorful image, the beach ball was actually carefully chosen to represent MSODT’s core values in education. Each color on the beach ball represents a different part of our educational philosophy. Think you can guess what they mean? Scroll down to see if you’re right!



The green portion of the beach ball represents Intellectual Learning. We make sure that each of our students are equipped and ready with the intent of advancement. We carefully prepare our learning environments so that students have what they need to thrive and grow academically.


We believe that Physical Education is an important part of a child’s development and growth. We believe that children crave healthy and structured movements for their emotional and physical well-being. Throughout the day, we provide all of our students with opportunities to stretch, jump, run, and play!


The red portion of the beach ball represents Social Development. We encourage our students to be engaged, connected, and committed with the progression of their community and beyond.


Through character building exercises and curriculum, we emotionally prepare our students to tackle all of their scholastic and personal goals.


Here at MSODT, we believe that by addressing the total needs of the child, we instill our students with a love of learning that will prepare them for success in all matters of their lives. Want to know more? Contact your local campus to set up a tour today!