preschool kids drawing

7 Things Your Child will Learn in Our Preschool

preschool kids drawing
Preschool teaches kids teamwork

When you hear about preschools, some of the first things you probably think about are fun and games, singing and running around the playground. While young children are given ample time to enjoy their childhood, tremendous learning occurs in a preschool. At this stage, kids learn valuable skills that set them up for a lifetime of learning. It is a time when they learn positive habits and develop independence and self-esteem. Several learning milestones take place in preschool. Here are some of the important things your child will learn in our Houston preschool.

Letters and sounds

You don’t have to wait until your child is in kindergarten for them to learn about letters because the alphabet is  taught in preschool. In our Houston preschool, your little one will learn how to recognize and name all 26 letters in uppercase. They will learn how to recognize and print their own name, along with other simple yet meaningful words. As they develop a connection between letters and sounds, they will gradually understand how simple words, such as mom and dad, are spelled.

Social skills

Even at a young age, it’s important for children to learn how to make friends, work with peers and build connections. Preschool is an excellent place for young kids to learn to trust people outside their family. Even if your child plays with their siblings, neighbors and other family members, being with other kids of the same age can take their social skills up a notch. The positive environment in preschool gives kids the chance to get to know other children and befriend them on their own. They learn how to step a little out of their comfort zone and overcome shyness and connect with peers.

Emotional development

Playing with other kids and learning how to socialize promotes a child’s healthy emotional development. At a young age, children don’t always find it easy to understand and control their feelings. In preschool, they will deal with many different emotions. The social environment in a preschool setting is an excellent venue for them to learn how their feelings and emotions impact their peers. They learn how to solve problems, deal with conflicts and manage strong feelings in socially acceptable ways.

Numbers and counting

preschool math
Preschool teaches basic math skills

One of the first math skills children will learn in school is recognizing the numerals 0 to 9. As soon as they identify these numbers, they will be taught how to name them correctly and start counting. Counting is a skill that is learned through memorization. When children memorize the order of the numbers, they will learn how objects and numbers correspond.  

Fine motor skills

Preschool is also a time when a child’s fine motor skills are developed. In our Houston preschool,  kids are taught how to use safety scissors, write their names using the most basic strokes, holding their pencil properly and so on. They are also given other fun activities that exercise their hands and fingers including doing finger rhymes, popping bubbles with a toothpick and filling a cup by squeezing wet sponges. Learning these things as early as possible helps strengthen their little hand muscles and practice using their grip.


Structure may be something that can be learned at home. But, they can  learn a great deal about structure in preschool. Most kids get the chance to work with peers and teachers as soon as they start school. In a preschool environment, they learn how to follow directions and instructions which develops their ability to cope in a structured environment. In our Houston preschool, we make sure that structure is mixed with fun so that children see the benefits of listening and following directions.

Cognitive skills

A little child’s cognitive skills are growing at a rapid rate. Sending your child to a high-quality preschool can promote this brain development further. In preschool, kids are given plenty of opportunities to think, investigate, ask questions and solve problems.

Giving your child an excellent quality preschool education can benefit them in several different ways. It can also help promote their development for a successful future! Visit our Houston Preschool for more information on our preschool program and curriculum.