Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Would You Describe A Montessori School of Downtown Student?

A Montessori School of Downtown & Shipra student is a student with infinite potential that has an inquisitive mind. That is, each child brings their own unique individuality for which we encourage to the maximum. Based on the teaching of Maria Montessori to let the child lead, MSODT & Shipra students are instilled with a sense of independence early on, which fosters a sense of confidence, and self-worthiness.


2) What Does A Montessori-Inspired Philosophy Mean And How Is It Incorporated? 

Using the teaching methods of Maria Montessori, MSODT has created different programs for children of all ages to let their curiosity blossom. Starting with the School of Infants, we provide children the opportunity to explore life in a peaceful, unpressured environment. Then there is the  School of Toddlers, for children aged 18 months – 3 years. These are the years when the child is most receptive, curious, and excited about exploring the surrounding world. We fill our classrooms with quality materials used to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, science, music and social studies. Our Pre-Primary curriculum promotes holistic human development intellectually, physically, socially and uses a wide range of activities to refine sensory perceptions and to help the child adapt to a wider environment, the universe. Our Elementary Program ensures a comfortable transition into subsequent educational environments, students are also exposed to study skills required in traditional educational settings.


3) What Are The Benefits Of Mixed Age Classes?

A major component of the Montessori philosophy is that children from different age groups interact together in one classroom. Our early Childhood classes combine three and four-year-old children, and Lower classrooms combine children in First and Second-grade students. Older students are proud to act as role models; younger ones feel supported and gain confidence about the challenges ahead.


4) Where Do Your Graduates Go?

Montessori School of Downtown & Shipra graduates are accepted into and attend some of the most prominent independent and public middle schools in Houston. Our Head of School partners with families of graduating students to see that each child is placed into a school that best suits his or her social intelligence and learning style. 


5) Are There Often Openings In Sixth Grade In Other Private And Public Schools In Houston?

In Houston, sixth grade is the next major point of entry for new students after Kindergarten and therefore, our graduates have a wide array of schools to consider for middle school. We’ve built strong relationships with our ongoing schools over the years, and Directors of Admission are extremely impressed with candidates from Montessori School of Downtown.


6) How Will MSODT- Shipra Communicate With Me About My Child’s Progress?

Twice a year, parents engage in parent-teacher conferences with their child’s homeroom teacher. In addition, in-depth report cards are mailed out twice a year, which detail each child’s progress based on a number of competencies, skills, characteristics, and practices. Teachers are also frequently in touch with families via email and phone calls, and parents are welcome to request appointments to discuss a child’s progress as necessary. 


7) What Is It Like After School? Is There A Lot For My Child To Do?

MSODT is proud of its rich, engaging, and ever-evolving After School program. Among the most robust in the city, we offer an array of sports, art, cooking, language, science, engineering, and music classes. Most classes are taught by current MSODT teachers or professionals from outside of the school.


8) What Do MSODT Alumni Have In Common?

Time and again, we are told by ongoing schools how confident, collaborative, and poised our alumni are. It is not unusual to hear former students rattling off about coding, foreign policy, basketball stats, or the latest exhibit at the Museum of Art. 


9) What Makes You Stand Out From Other Schools?

The MSODT is one of the only schools in Houston that spans the length of childhood. While embracing the individual and allowing the child to lead and discover, students at MSODT are also given opportunities to assume authentic leadership roles and develop an age-appropriate sophistication that is not commonly found in K-12 environments. We are a warm, down-to-earth, respectful community. Status isn’t important to us here. We value children as leaders and view parents as partners throughout his momentous and endearing journey toward adolescence.


10) Since Montessori classrooms emphasize non-competitiveness, how are students adequately prepared for real-life competition later on?

Each child is encouraged and supported to be the best they can be. We believe in positive, growth-oriented competition, which starts at a young age. Children are prepared to compete with themselves rather than with other kids around them!