Using Montessori Concepts at Home

Using Montessori Concepts at Home

You may be interested in Montessori schools, but did you know you can use the same concepts at home to help your child learn and grow? At Montessori schools, teachers act as facilitators, guiding the children while letting them take the lead in their own education. As a result, students become independent problem solvers who thrive not just in school but in life.

The first thing you should do is research the Montessori Method to determine if it’s right for your family. If you decide to proceed, begin building a Montessori lifestyle. This means slowing down and taking time to explore the world around you with your family. Follow your children’s interests, allowing them to indulge their natural curiosity but involve them in your everyday work as well. Let them help you make dinner, work in the garden and clean up, and you’ll be promoting skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

When you’ve created a space and lifestyle that promotes independent learning and the exploration of creative and intellectual curiosity, it’s time to add Montessori activities. In addition to practical life skills, offer your kids sensory activities as well, letting them play with things like water, sand, ice and shaving cream. Read to your children every day. Provide materials that lend themselves to open-ended creativity, from paints and crayons to Legos and blocks. Give your children more and more independence as you go along, offering support and guidance without taking over for them. Create a school routine, starting with 30 minutes each day and working up incrementally each week.

At MSOD Shipra, we utilize Montessori concepts along with other strategies to help children become independent thinkers and self-inspired learners. We encourage child-led learning, allowing children time to complete work they are doing while teachers work as facilitators and guides. We allow children to self-correct and develop confidence, preparing them academically while also helping them to build their social, emotional and physical skills. If you’re interested in learning about our unique curriculum, call MSOD Shipra to schedule a tour.

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