Ways To Keep Your Child Academically Engaged When Stuck In Quarantine

The terror and trepidation that is engulfing every part of the world at present, courtesy of coronavirus and COVID-19, has led to the World Health Organization declaring it as a pandemic and recommending people to stay quarantined for the next few weeks at least.

Nevertheless, as adults, we can make our peace with the situation of being stranded at home for a few days but, for kids who go to school and have an academic sequence to follow, things can get a bit jarred after a while.

In an attempt to make things somewhat easier for you, in the following segment, we will be jotting down a few ways to keep your child academically stimulated even when he is taking a break from school. 

Keep their choices open 

  • According to experts, resorting to choice boards for students that will allow them to pick their own activities to engage in for the day, is a wise recourse to tread on. A choice board is essentially a panel that offers several choices for assignments on a particular subject and can include a set of free-time activities as well.
  • Allowing your child to exercise a certain level of discretion to figure out his own schedule will inculcate in him the habit of formulating independent decisions and motivate him to approach the routine with ample eagerness. Remember that all the activities picked from the choice board should be circumscribed by only one condition and that is, they must be duly completed within the given frame of time although they will have the option of deciding the order of the tasks. 

Encourage storytelling 

  • Urging your child to prepare a presentation after he has learned a chapter that can be shared with his friends and classmates will keep his keenness ignited and rekindle the bond that he shares with his mates from school amidst the isolation. Also, once they are have curated the presentation, assist them to edit and review their work to ensure that the end result is neat and informative before it is shared with others.
  • During the first few days, your child can take substantial portions of time to get through with the procedure but, with the passage of time, his proficiency will inevitably multiply and so will his willingness to amplify his perspective and affirmatively put it out before everyone.

Acquaint them with mathematical problems by drawing instances from everyday life 

  • Mathematics is something that needs regular practice for a child to be thorough with it and trust us when we say, most kids dread the subject and would do anything to steer away from working on it. However, when stuck at home, you have hardly got any choice besides convincing your child to have an affinity for mathematics, and rightfully so.
  • If you are wondering how would you get your child to do it then try to link the mathematical problems that are delineated in his syllabus with instances of everyday life. For example, you can ask your kid how will he share “x” pieces of a cake equally amongst all the members of his family. Or, if he is drawn towards cricket, you can ask him to predict the final score by combining all the details mentioned on the TV screen.

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