Ways to Model and Express Kindness to Your Child

Ways to Model and Express Kindness to Your ChildMost of us want to raise our children to become human beings who are ethical and caring. Yet, this can be a challenging task for parents, especially as their children grow older and are exposed to outside influences. However, empathy and kindness are traits that can be instilled and practiced at home.

Model Kindness for Your Child

Find ways throughout your day to show your child what kindness can look like. Find small, daily moments where you can show kindness to others, and give your child opportunities to do so as well. These ordinary moments in your life might seem commonplace to you, but will have a huge impact in the way your child learns to treat others:

  • Holding the door for others
  • Buying coffee for the next person in line
  • Giving a compliment
  • Help somebody carry a heavy object
  • Share a table in a crowded restaurant
  • Tip your servers
  • Try to use people’s names when you speak to them

What are some way you show kindness in front of your child?

Be Kind to Your Child

Being kind to your child can sound like common sense but going out of your way to express kindness to your child can help them learn to be kind to others! Get creative and remember that small gestures usually leave the most lasting impressions! Give a few of these a try:

  • Say thank you to your child
  • Tell your child the story of how you chose their name
  • Let your child know that you struggle too
  • Play games with your child
  • Try to keep your sigh to yourself when you’re frustrated
  • Listen and dance to silly songs
  • Ask your child what they’re thinking about
  • Ask your child’s opinion about a situation. Listen to their response.
  • Show your child that taking care of yourself is important
  • Take time to do a task at your child’s pace
  • Put a love note in their lunch bag
  • Give a kind touch back when your child touches you
  • Give your child a hug

What are your favorite ways of being kind to your child?

Remember, kindness does not require grand gestures or expensive gifts. You have the opportunity to model kindness to your children every single day!

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