What’s So Different About A Montessori?

As a parent you want your kids to have the best education available. As a parent, you understand the lasting impact these early learning experiences will have on your child’s life from early development to future learning.

What is it that makes the Montessori philosophy so appealing when compared to public schools? Should you send your child to a traditional public school or seek out an alternative like Montessori?

Montessori has been thriving worldwide for more than a century. Even research has shown and validated the Montessori method. Montessori starts your child’s learning growth early from birth to age six. These are critical times for a solid foundation to be set so your child will be prepared for the role they play in the future. 

Compared to public schools, Montessori schools develop their students to become capable, accountable, and knowledgeable so they gain a strong sense of themselves to thrive in their world.

  • Capability: Classrooms are designed to give children the opportunities to develop capabilities of their own. This can be learning to dress themselves, do the math, communicate effectively, and even problem solve.
    Every classroom has activities to encourage your child to interact with the materials and work on a cooperative level with others. Your children are given the freedom to choose which activity to do. Some will work alone, while others may work together.
    This combination of independence, partnerships, and small groups introduces your children to dynamic and unique learning relationships. Kids can make their own choices.
  • Accountability: Each classroom is child-centered. Activities are presented individually so a student can progress at their own pace. Children are given opportunities like practicing, reviewing, or moving forward based on their interests and capabilities. Your children can take charge of their learning and, therefore, become accountable for their knowledge.
    Students are assessed daily. Each child is given an individualized learning plan that is based on their interests and abilities. Kids learn to pursue answers and seek out knowledge on their own.
  • Knowledgeable: Montessori schools offer a nurturing environment with things like order, independence, and concentration from their first step into the classroom. Materials are designed to support them in self-regulation and how to educate themselves.
    Because of this, Montessori exceeds the learning standards set by the state. This ensures your child learns complex concepts through a hands-on process for deeper understanding.
    To help your child’s success, the curriculum is broken down into three-year cycles than a public school year-by-year style of expectation. This helps consider a child’s learning speed and development as kids master academics differently than their peers.
    The teacher supports this growth throughout the curriculum to ensure they’re exposed to all the lessons and new challenges.

Montessori schools help give children a strong sense of self. It offers stability and a community to help strengthen bonds.

Montessori schools give independence but are also part of a community to provide support to their peers when needed. While public schools have their advantages, Montessori schools have a more substantial impact on a child’s development that will last a lifetime.

AUTHOR: Montessori School of Downtown

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