Who was Maria Montessori

Who was Maria Montessori?

You may have heard of the Montessori Method, but how much do you know about its founder? The developer of a curriculum that helps children develop into independent thinkers by encouraging their natural creative and intellectual curiosity, Dr. Montessori has had an enormous impact on today’s educational systems. Do you know the story behind this revolutionary educator?

Maria Montessori was born in 1870, in Chiaravalle, Italy, and became an Italian physician, educator and innovator who developed her famous method around the turn of the 20th century. Better educated than most women of her era, she was encouraged by her mother. Having studied Italian, mathematics, history, geography, geometric and ornate drawing, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology and two foreign languages, she excelled at math and science.

Montessori originally intended to become an engineer but decided to study medicine instead. Initially, she encountered hostility and resistance from her male instructors and colleagues, but she persevered and went on to earn academic accolades. Having become an expert in pediatric medicine, Montessori graduated from University of Rome in 1896. One of the first female physicians in Italy, she started a private medical practice and focused on psychiatry.

As time went on, she became interested in education. Taking classes on educational theory, she began to question the methods for teaching children with learning disabilities. In 1900, she was appointed co-director of a training institute for special education teachers, and the program was declared a success when many of the children made unexpected gains.

In 1907, she opened a childcare center in a poor district, and that school became the first Casa dei Bambini. At first, the students were unruly, but then they became interested in puzzles, meal preparation and manipulating math materials. Montessori noted that they absorbed knowledge and effectively taught themselves, and using the knowledge and experience she’d gained, she designed a classroom that fostered the natural desire to learn. News of the school’s success spread, and by 1910, Montessori schools were known worldwide. Today, the Montessori Method is one of the best known educational concepts in the world.

At MSOD Shipra, we blend the theories of Maria Montessori with other innovative concepts in order to help children become self-inspired learners. We work to help each child reach full potential in their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Pulling from the Montessori Method, we create an environment that allows children the time to delve deeply into learning and self-correct their own mistakes.

Children in our program learn to work independently and in groups with emphasis placed on language arts, math, practical life, the arts and sensorial perceptions. Helping children to develop intellectually, physically and socially, we utilize materials that are unique even to a Montessori classroom. Having attended our school, children become problem-solvers who manage time well.

At MSOD Shipra, we’re committed to helping children grow into self-inspired learners who excel in every area of life. If you’re interested in learning more about our unique program and how we utilize Montessori techniques to benefit our students, call MSOD to arrange a visit.

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