Identifying your Child’s Primary Learning Style

Every child is completely unique in their very own way. They all have different kinds of interests, styles, colors, everything!! This means that they also take in information differently than their peers so their learning styles are going to vary. Learning techniques that worked great for you may not work for your child. It’s important not to get frustrated if it seems like they just aren’t retaining the material. Finding out your child’s preferred learning style early on can help them make great study habits.

Below are the different types of learning techniques and how to help them study!

Visual Learners:
These learners typically do really well in a modern classroom setting. After all, there are just so many visuals in classrooms – whiteboards, handouts, photos and more!

Visual Learners:
Enjoy maps, pictures, and colors
Can easily visualize plans, outcomes, and objects in their mind
Prefer written instructions
Have a great sense of direction
Have good dress sense (typically)
Enjoy decorating their learning areas
Enjoy visual art activities

To maximize great study habits, this trait should:
Make flashcards
Highlight key points in their notes
Create a chart to remind you how to complete math equations
Use vocabulary mnemonics

Auditory Learners:
These learners understand new content through listening closely and participating in lectures or group discussions. They like to use repetition and mnemonic devices for good study techniques.

Auditory Learners:
Remember discussions very well
Expresses interests and enthusiasm verbally
Love group discussions
Are easily distracted by both noise and silence
Like to present dramatically
Enjoy music

The best study habits for this trait might include:
Reading their notes out loud
Having a regular study partner
Working in groups
Creating a catchy song
Mnemonic devices
Creating your own acronyms
Talking your way through new material

Reading & Writing Learners:
If your child is a natural read & write learner then they tend to learn best through words. They enjoy taking lots of notes and reading in their free time. They’re able to translate a message or concept through words or writing.

Read & Write Learners:
Are great with grammar
Pay attention to small details
Would prefer reading alone than in a group
Prefer to use writing to communicate instead of speaking

To be the most efficient in study tactics, it’s best that this trait follows these study techniques:
Re-write notes after class
Write out ideas or concepts
Write out each step of a math problem
Write notes to yourself
Use colored pens and highlighters
Write Repetitively
Vocabulary Mnemonics

Kinesthetic learner:
These students tend to learn best through real-life situations and “hands-on” materials. They find it boring to sit behind a desk all day which causes them to be restless.

Kinesthetic Learner:
Remember what they do very well
Enjoy using computers
Have trouble staying still
Enjoy hands-on activities
Like to eat snacks while studying
Take notes to keep busy but won’t really use them

The best study techniques for this learner are:
Typing your notes after class
Making flashcards
Reviewing flashcards at the gym
Using the internet to research study material
Highlighting notes
Using one note card per step when learning new equations
Moving around when memorizing

Some students may a cross between multiple learning styles. In that case, encourage them to try different techniques until they find one that’s enjoyable and works for them!