Infants in their truest form have a natural quest for knowledge. Given the chance, they want to learn. Given the chance, they will behave. We provide just that opportunity to explore life in a peaceful, unpressured environment. Our gentle guidance brings out the young child’s innate curiosity, and the result is pure learning, with no obstacles. New concepts are introduced at the right moment of developmental readiness, a time that Maria Montessori named the “Sensitive Period.” Just as a parent nurtures their newborn, we create the ideal atmosphere in an unconditional, positive manner were learning thrives.

Imagine a daycare program flexible enough that you can continue nursing your infant. Imagine being so close by that you can visit your child at lunch, or any time during the day. Imagine sensitive, caring teachers who are tuned in to each child’s uniqueness and individual needs. A place where new discoveries are joyously made every day, Montessori School of Downtown offers all of this, and more. Simply stated, early child care is our expertise. We invite you to visit see our learning environment where your infant will grow to reach his or her full potential!