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10 Tips to Teach Your Kids to Calm Down

Children are susceptible to emotions just like everyone. They get angry and sometimes won’t be able to control it. Some children don’t know how to let their anger and stress out, leading to temper tantrums. This is where parents come in and teach their kids how to let their anger out in a positive way. Here are several tips to teach your kids to calm down when they are angry.

Comfort your child

Your child won’t feel aggravated unless their surroundings make them uneasy. To avoid misbehavior, make sure they are relaxed and comfortable with their environment. If your kid goes outside with you, keep them close so they won’t feel uncomfortable when they’re left alone.

Go for a walk

To let off steam, going for a walk will help your kid calm down. This is also a good exercise, especially for kids with ADHD. Walk around your neighborhood for about five to ten minutes. You can talk about something or just keep quiet while looking around. Walking is scientifically proven to calm down a person because it clears the brain of cortisol and floods your body with endorphins. These are commonly known as happy hormones!

Give your child a hug

To calm your kid down, a hug can sometimes do the trick. A hug will always make your child feel better whenever they get upset. Hugging your upset kid will let them feel that they are loved and that you are always there for them. While no parent likes seeing their kid crying, tears are usually the sign of releasing upset feelings.

Do a quiet activity

It is not advisable to discipline your child in the heat of the moment. To let your kid calm down, let them do something that doesn’t involve talking. Quiet activities like puzzle-making, reading a favorite book, drawing, doodling or coloring can do the trick. These quiet activities will help them simmer down as these activities will occupy their attention. After doing these quiet activities, you both will be able to cool off and discuss what happened.

Listen to calm and soothing music

Music is a universal language and it can be used in various ways. This can help soothe your child when they’re upset. There are different strategies for using music. You can have an impromptu dance party to release energy and anger. Or you can let your children listen to instrumental music to calm them down.

Don’t control your children when they are angry

If your child is upset or angry, it’s best not to control their reaction. When you try to take control of what they should be feeling, it will make them push back and feel more upset. Ultimately, this will make the situation worse. What you can do is be a positive role model for your children. Stay calm and don’t overpower them. Talk calmly and make them understand the importance of calming down before you discuss what happened.

Take a couple of deep breaths

Taking deep breaths can help your child calm down. Teach them  breathing exercises and practice with them every now and then.

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is an effective way for kids to calm down. If your child is too young, just letting them watch and pop the bubbles will be enough. This activity is an easy distraction for them to forget about their anger.

Have a break and eat

When your child feels upset, give them water and a snack to calm down with. One thing that can upset a child is hunger or being thirsty. These things can contribute to the emotional state of a child. It is advised that parents monitor their children and use food to soothe them.

Repetition is key

These tips won’t work if you don’t continuously practice them. Until you find the best way to calm them down, continue to repeat these tips whenever they feel upset. In order for kids to learn how to manage their feelings and emotions, they need to have constant guidance.

Anger isn’t a foreign feeling for kids. Parents will need to work with their children and teach coping skills for their emotions. While some kids will have difficulties in this aspect, it’s not impossible for them to learn the appropriate ways to handle their anger. All they need is their parents’ love and support in a good environment. Every child deals with anger differently. Some recover from anger easily, some do not. Show your love and support to your child by being there for them. If you want to have a Montessori school that will guide them in how to control their emotions, a good school is Montessori School of Downtown. Check them out today!

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